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Toby Romeo and Keanu Silva

EXCLUSIVE: Toby Romeo and Keanu Silva Chat About “Hopeless Heart”

Toby Romeo and Keanu Silva recently teamed up for a brand new collaboration. The track, “Hopeless Heart,” effortlessly marks both producers’ significance and place in the 2022 dance music realm. It samples legendary 1996 dance track “Children” by Robert Milles and features SACHA on vocals. And with over a million streams on platforms just weeks after its release, it’s clear that “Hopeless Heart” is easily becoming a fan-favorite for listeners all around the world. In an exclusive interview with CelebMix, Toby Romeo and Keanu Silva open up about this iconic collaboration, upcoming projects and more.

What can you tell us about your new single “Hopeless Heart” and the inspiration behind that track?

TR: “Hopeless Heart” is a really special one to me! Keanu hit me with the idea of sampling this legendary dance classic from Robert Milles called “Children” from 1996 which turned out to be the best idea ever. What makes it so special to me is that it‘s not just a cover, but a completely new song and production on top of the sample idea. I’m so happy that it‘s finally out!

KS: The legendary track “Children” from Robert Miles is one of my all-time favorite tracks. And when Toby and I were brainstorming about how to work together we had the idea to produce and write an interpolation of “Children” and so “Hopeless Heart” was born. We invited SACHA to perform the vocals for it and her voice fits perfectly to the song.

What was it like to work with each other? 

TR: Working with Keanu was super fun! Such a grounded human being! Also it‘s a little dream come true as I‘ve been a big fan of his stuff ever since his tune “King of My Castle” with Don Diablo!

KS: Super workflow! He’s a really humble and talented person and our virtual sessions were really productive and fast. Also, together with SACHA, we all had a lot of fun together!

How does this song and collaboration differ from other tracks you have released in the past?

TR: This one‘s super different because the collaboration was through the internet only. It‘s funny but I haven‘t met Keanu in person yet! So that was super interesting working like that, sending stems back and forth, hopping on some facetime calls etc. 

KS: Every song is its own universe so you can’t really compare one to another. Every time it’s a new journey from the first idea to the finished and polished song. “Hopeless Heart” is a more pop/dance song and for the coming festival season, and we are planning to release a club version also!

Who else would you like to collaborate with in the future?

TR: I‘d love to collaborate with Benjamin Ingrosso one day. I‘m such a fan of his voice! 

KS: There are a lot of talented artists and rising stars out there I like to work with and I’ve planned some things together with other artists, but my main focus will be on solo singles for the near future.

What are your goals for this year? Do you plan on performing or releasing any major projects you can tease? 

TR: There‘s a lot to come for sure! Hopefully my management won‘t kill me, but there‘s a remix for probably one of the best DJ’s in the world coming up sooner than you think. Keep your eyes or better yet, ears open! Also I’m gonna play at this year’s Electric Love Festival on the main stage again which is something I‘m really looking forward to!

KS: Yes, there will be a collab together with Alle Farben I am really looking forward to and I hope to play a lot of shows in the summer season when festivals will take place again in these difficult times.

Can listeners expect more music coming soon? 

TR: Definitely! I put so much work into making new songs and remixes the past couple of months, so there‘s a lot in my pocket!

KS: Make sure you follow my social channels so you won’t miss anything new coming up!

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Written by Alessandra

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