Top 10 Instagram Hotties to Follow

Instagram can bring so much beauty into our lives. Gorgeous animals. Lovely landscapes. Nature scenes that can calm our minds. Homes we envy and emulate.

But what Instagram can really deliver to us is hot guys! The hotter the better. We searched Instagram to find the hottest, sexiest, and coolest guys on the internet, dreamy, stunning men who share their lives and beauty with us, bringing happiness and joy to our days. 

Here’s our list of the 10 hotties you need to follow on Instagram right now.


Travis DesLaurier @travbeachboy

From the land of maple syrup and poutine, comes something even tastier: Travis DesLaurier. Not just stunning and hot, he also has a sense of humor. He rose to Instagram fame by recording himself using a cat for weight training. Oh, and he likes cats. How’s that for a complete package?

The only thing prettier than Travis in his photos is his cat, Jacob. 

This is a hot guy you need to follow just to see what he does next.


Andre Hamann @andrehamann

Are you feeling a little down? Andre Hamann is the man to follow. He’s not only a handsome model, he’s also a positive speaker who can help lift your spirits. An entrepreneur, he’s the co-owner of the online boutique Haze and Glory. 

His modeling career started in 2010 and the past 12 years have been very good to him, and good for us. 

Follow Andre for a positive attitude that’s infectious and fun.


Dylan Ogline @dylanogline

Dylan Ogline is the perfect package of brains, looks, and a heart of gold. His handsome face hides a brain that built a seven figure business. Did I mention he has a passion for animal welfare?

He’s a serial entrepreneur who’s exciting to follow, not just for his good looks and ripped body, but also you get to look into the mind of an outstanding businessman who is a thought leader and disruptor in his industry. 

Let Dylan lead you to understanding business and making the world better, with a gorgeous smile and dreamy eyes to match.


Sean O’Pry @seanopry55

Armani and Calvin Klein know exactly what they’re looking for. It’s the same thing we’re looking for – beautiful men to grace our Instagram feed.

Sean O’Pry fits the bill. He’s been featured in a Taylor Swift video, “Blank Space,” and thousands of ads and commercials. Not just handsome and charming, Sean also has a beautiful dog, Tallulah.

His natural smile and easy good looks make Sean a fun person to follow on Instagram. Oh, and did we mention that he’s also working to help the indigenous people in the heart of the Amazon to make their own great living? Yeah, he’s that sweet.


Marlon Teixeira @marlontx

The Glamour Beauty Awards in Spain chose Marlon Teixeira as its 2015 Most Beautiful Male Model. Follow him on Instagram to see why. 

This hot Brazilian is of Portuguese, Japanese, and Native Brazilian descent, mixing to create perfection. His Instagram feed is filled with images of him in some of the world’s most beautiful locations. 

See why Barney chose this amazing face and body to appear with Christie Brinkley in its ads.


Adam Gallagher @iamgalla

There’s pretty and then there’s pretty and fun. Adam Gallagher is pretty and fun. His Instagram feed feels like a peek into his life. You get to travel with him, see what he’s doing and wearing, and be a part of his world.

The best part is that you feel these are some of the same photos he would send to his friends. It’s cool because he doesn’t post every day or even every week. You get him when he’s around like that crazy Bohemian friend who’s always travelling and seeing the world. So follow Adam and be his friend.

Jack Morris @jackmorris

Speaking of travel, how about a hot guy who travels to even hotter places? If your definition of paradise is a stunning man on a tropical beach somewhere in Southeast Asia or walking through the ancient sites in Jordan, this is the man. 

Jack takes you with him everywhere he goes, and he goes everywhere. He’s the perfect travel accessory who shows you what the world looks like through the eyes of an experienced traveler,  a gifted travel photographer, and a fun and handsome man.


Gianluca Vacchi @gianlucavacchi

Handsome, Italian, millionaire, and fun – how’s that for the perfect blend? Meet Gianluca Vacchi.

Stylish clothes, yachts, mansions, Vacchi is the real deal. He shares his luxury lifestyle and his perfect physique with his lovely wife, their beautiful daughter, and all of us.

The videos of him and his wife dancing and hamming it up for the camera will put a smile on your face and help you believe in true love and joy. 

Share their happiness on Instagram.


Joe Weir @joe__weir

Another gift from the Great White North, Canadian Joe Weir, lives in the sunshine and brings a little to our lives with his Instagram feed.

Whether he’s wearing flannel in New York or a stunning Italian suit, Joe makes everything look good. 

He shares New York City with us and his beautiful wife, showing us life in Manhattan, along with lots of photos of Joe at work, looking great.

The best part? The Joe at work is handsome, but the Joe who is living his life is adorable.



Pietro Boselli @pietroboselli

So you don’t like math class? You do now. As long as Pietro is teaching it.

With a PhD in Engineering, Pietro is as smart as he is handsome. Working as a full-time model right now, his fall-back plan is to teach math or engineering. Hopefully, that doesn’t happen too soon because we want to keep looking at him without having to pay tuition. But, maybe some student loans will be worth it if he’s at the front of the class explaining the quadratic equation.

But wait. Go to his profile and click on a few of the videos. His natural smile and sparkling eyes make this hot, smart guy the ultimate heartthrob.


Written by Digital Nod