Top 5 Embarrassing Celeb Moments and Stage Mishaps

Have you ever done something so clumsy or foolish and all your friends were there to witness it? Then they so kindly remind you over and over again about the embarrassing moment.

Imagine being a celebrity where there are always people and cameras following your every move. There is no way to avoid getting caught in those embarrassing celeb moments from time to time. They must have to ride out the embarrassment and hope for someone else to trump their moment. 

Check out these 5 celebrity mishaps and moments of embarrassments. They will go down in the annals of celebrity history as pretty unforgettable.  

1. Mariah Carey Missed It on New Year’s Eve

It’s New Year’s Eve in Time Square. The world is watching, not only to ring in 2017 but also to watch the big-name performers belt it out as part of the big giant party. 

It was Mariah Carey’s night to shine. But in her case, she just didn’t want the show to go on. When technical difficulties kept her from hearing her music, she stopped the show. 

Millions are watching, her dancers are living by the adage the show must go on. But in a most divaesque moment, she stopped the show and insisted on starting again. Even with a do-over, she never really sold the performance and continued to struggle throughout her time on stage.

2. Harrison Ford Breaks a Leg

He’s Hans Solo for heaven’s sake. So what would have him bellowing from the movie set contact these attorneys?

When part of the Millenium Falcon fell on him and broke his leg. He later joked they closed a door on him which inevitably caused the break. Accidents happen on movie sets all the time. But we are talking about Harrison Ford famous for his part in action and adventure movies. His broken leg surely doesn’t help his macho character image.

3. Janet Jackson and Her Wardrobe Malfunction

It was 9/16th of a second that 143 million people saw. Janet Jackson was performing with Justin Timberlake at the 2004 Super Bowl halftime show. It was near the end of the song when Justin Timberlake tore off part of her Alexander McQueen dress and Jackson’s right nipple very briefly appeared on national television.

Apologies from producers ensued. First, it was suggested it was an impromptu moment gone awry. Then the story became it was a wardrobe malfunction. Whatever the case, not a Super Bowl halftime show will be planned without consideration to make sure a moment like that does not have a repeat. 

4. Ashlee Simpson Lip Syncs on SNL

In 2004, Ashlee Simpson gets caught lip syncing on Saturday Night Live. 

There she was on stage for her second song of the night. The music starts playing and it’s not what she expected. It’s also not what her band expected. She fumbled and tried to cover it up. Later she first blamed her band, then blamed a problem with acid reflux. 

While her version of events changed over time, she still claims it was one of the most embarrassing moments of her life. 

5. Jennifer Lawrence Trips on Her Dress

It’s the biggest night of your life. You are wearing a dress that dreams are made of, Dior Haute Couture. Every girl ever to don a dress and heels like that has their ‘please don’t let me trip’ prayer floating through their head. 

Jennifer Lawrence is no exception. So imagine when she here’s her name called as the winner of the best actress award. She is the second youngest to ever win a Best Actress award and the movie, Silver Linings Playbook,  has been a blockbuster. 

On her way to the stage in that beautiful gown to accept the award, what happens? The moment nightmares are made of. She trips on her dress, lands on her face. What else can she do but pull herself up, laugh a little and keep going? 

After all, she has just won an Oscar!

Celebrity News and Other Embarrassing Celeb Moments 

While these famous folks would surely like the world to forget their embarrassing celeb moments, they each left their own little mark with these events. Let’s face it, we can all relate, each of us having something in our past we’d sure like to forget. 

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Written by CelebMix