Our top 5 One Direction covers of 2015

There are a lot of talented singers out there that a lot of people have never heard of, so we think it’s time to share some amazing singers who are fans of one of our favorite bands, One Direction. Today we are going to show you 5 of our favorite One Direction covers of 2015!

1. Kurt Hugo Schneider and GAC – Perfect

Kurt Schneider is a 27 year old singer, producer, and video editor. He has over 6 million subscribers and over 1 billion views on YouTube. Last month, he went all the way to Jakarta to meet up with GAC (Gamaliel Audrey Cantika) who are also famous YouTube singers. They have over 26,000 subscribers and over 5 million views.

2. Matt DeFreitas – History

Matt DeFreitas is a 23 year old guitarist and singer that has over 125,00 subscribers and over 8 million views on YouTube. He is famous for his cover of ‘Nothing Like Us’ by Justin Bieber and ‘All of Me’ by John Legend. In 2012, he auditioned for The X Factor UK and got through bootcamp.

3. Alex Aiono – Infinity

Alex Aiono is a 19 year vocalist and multi-instrumentalist! He is pretty well known for his two singles ‘Doesn’t Get Better’ and ‘Alphabet Soup.’ He has over 580,00 subscribers and over 20,000,000 views on Youtube. Alex has worked with Grammy nominated writers and producers including John Legend, Babyface, and Billy Mann.

4. 96OneDream – If I Could Fly

96OneDream consists of two 19 year old girls who go by the names of Vanessa Rogers and Holly Murray. They have over 100,000 subscribers and over 7 million views on Youtube. Two weeks ago on December 11, the girls announced they had signed with a major record label!

5. Kathleen Nguyen – Home

Kathleen Nguyen is a 21 year old singer and songwriter from Houston, Texas. She has over 70,000 subscribers and over 6 million views on YouTube. She also has a SoundCloud where she uploads some of her covers that she doesn’t post on her Youtube channel. If you like Kathleen’s covers, you might want to know that her first single ‘Mr. Right’ is available on iTunes now!

We hope you enjoyed these covers! Now tell us, what cover was your favorite? Leave a comment below or you can tweet us at @CelebMix!

Written by CelebMix