Top 7 The Warblers performances

There is no doubt Glee is still one of the most epic shows of this century, not only because it touched many topics common for teenagers, the best part were always the amazing musical numbers, principally performed by the show’s main characters: William McKinley High School’s glee club, New Directions. In season one we met other glee clubs, such as Aural Intensity or Vocal Adrenaline, but by season two we met The Warblers, probably the second most loved group from the series.

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From the all-boys private school, Dalton Academy, The Warblers are mainly an acapella choir that rarely include instruments in their songs, which proves their great skills at scatting and beatboxing. Two of the main characters, Blaine Anderson and Kurt Hummel were members of The Warblers at some time, Blaine even being their leader during a whole season. Despite this, there was constant competition between New Directions and The Warblers. The Warblers being the villains most of the time. But that does not mean they couldn’t win the audience’s hearts, The Warblers are the only glee club from the series that have their own album, besides New Directions.

One year after Glee’s finale, we bring you our top 7 of the best performances of the Dalton Academy Warblers, we hope you enjoy it!


7. Stand

(Originally by Lenny Kravitz).

Their first number for Regionals 2011-2012. Season three, episode 14 “On My Way”.

6. Sing

(Originally by Ed Sheeran).

Blaine’s return at Dalton Academy as The Warblers’ new coach included a performance to cheer up Rachel. Season six, episode 1 “Loser Like Me”.


5. Live While We’re Young

(Originally by One Direction).

The Warblers’ majestic second number for Sectionals 2012-2013. Season four, episode 8 “Thanksgiving”.

4. When I Get You Alone

(Originally by Robin Thicke).

Blaine’s serenade for his crush who works at Gap. Season two, episode 12 “Silly Love Songs”.


3. Uptown Girl

(Originally by Billy Joel).

The Warblers singing to a teacher during a visit from Blaine after transfering to McKinley High School. Season three, episode 5 “The First Time”.


2. Silly Love Songs

(Originally by Wings).

What would be better for Valentine’s Day? Season two, episode 12 “Silly Love Songs”.

1. Teenage Dream

(Originally by Katy Perry).

Their first performance ever, the moment everyone knew they were gonna be a big part of the show. Season two, episode 6, “Never Been Kissed”.

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