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Top Celebrities That Have Invested in Bitcoin

Crypto market’s most popular currency, Bitcoin, is not just popular among the techies and CEO’s, but has attracted celebrity investors. You may be surprised who is investing in Bitcoin.

The Top Celebrities You Didn’t Know Invested in Bitcoin

Actor,  Ashton Kutcher, invested in Bitcoin and co-founded A-Grade Investments. This investment fund’s financing includes BitPay. The young star invested in and endorsed Bitcoin on a big scale. In fact, the dashing actor has been an ardent supporter of decentralized financing and many investment start-ups.

Richard Sherman, an NFL San Francisco 49ers cornerback, was warned not to invest in cryptocurrency, but contrary to advise he made huge investments in Bitcoin. He started investing in Bitcoins when one of his fans asked him if they could buy merchandise from his website using bitcoins. Sherman is also a leading spokesperson for cryptocurrency exchanges.

The famous boxer, Mike Tyson, promotes his franchise, “The Mike Tyson Bitcoin ATM.” He has also partnered with Bitcoin direct to launch Bitcoin wallet for mobiles and handsets.

Bitcoin investment isn’t limited to the US but is worldwide. Indian Bollywood Actor, Amitabh Bachchan, along with his son, Abhishek invested a huge sum of money amounting to $250,000 US in a personal investment fund of Meridian Tech., based in Singapore. The company deals in cryptocurrency and offers blockchain based solutions. Mr. Bachchan is an avid investor and acting on his craze for the cryptocurrency, invested this huge amount in Bitcoin to maximize profits. Meridian Tech is also involved in microfinancing.

Paris Hilton, the famous actress, is not just renowned for her looks and fashion sense but is also a diva when it comes to all things revolutionary. She invested in the cryptocurrency Bitcoin and has been an avid supporter of cryptocurrency on Twitter and Social Media. Born in New York, USA, she believes cryptocurrency is the new revolution in the financial world.

Another famous actress, Gwyneth Paltrow, has been associated with Bitcoin since 2017. The Iron Man star, not only is a top actress today but supports a Bitcoin wallet start-up, Abra.  She became an advisor on the unscripted Apple series “Planet of the Apps”, where she promoted cryptocurrency.

Another famous icon, who invested in Bitcoin is Jamie Foxx. One of the best actors in Hollywood, he has been associated with Bitcoin since 2017, when he endorsed Cobinhood, and announced his partnership with the Bitcoin token on the world platform.

The Long Beach, the Californian musician, Snoop Dog,  is associated with sponsoring youth football leagues. For helping inner city youth, he was presented with 1500 Bitcoins, amounting to $55,500 US. He was one of the very first celebs in 2013, selling his music for Bitcoins.

A wealthy philanthropist Bill Gates, showed his support for Bitcoin, by calling it cheap, convenient, and far superior to currency.

Richard Branson, an English businessman, investor, and the founder of the Virgin Group, invested about $30 million in Bitpay and cryptocurrency. A well-known CEO and popular face on Twitter and social media, Branson has often been an advocate of cryptocurrency.

The famous singer, Bjork also invested in Bitcoin, together with Blackpool. She enabled her fans to buy her 2017 music album ‘Utopia’ using Bitcoin. Former Spice Girl, Mel B, was the first artist in the music industry to accept Bitcoin as payment to buy music online when she started accepting payments for her Christmas Song in 2014. At the time she was partnering with CloudHashing, a London Based Investment firm.

This new financial technology is quite the rage with celebrities around the world who have shown their excitement and interest by investing huge sums in Bitcoin.

Written by CelebMix