Top Five 5SOS Covers You Should Listen To This Summer!

5 Seconds of Summer’s music has been spreading quickly worldwide with the help of the internet. With millions of fans up to date, a huge amount of talented individuals has surfaced the worldwide web, sharing their own versions of your favorite 5SOS tunes!

Whether you feel like listening to “Good Girls” sang by a girl or SLSP by another group of dudes, then you’ve found the right place to start your search! Here we round up our top five 5SOS covers:

5. “She’s Kinda Hot” by Lauren Bonnell

A refreshing acoustic cover of 5SOS’ hit, “She’s Kinda Hot”, is the first one on the list! Covered by 19-year-old YouTuber & singer/songwriter, Lauren Bonnell (LaurenBonnell24), the rendition of the pop-punk tune was a hit after having been posted online shortly after the song’s official release last year. It even grabbed the attention of 5SOS drummer, Ashton Irwin, and received a tweet for the recognition of her cover!

4. “Jet Black Heart” by Jannik Brunke

With his own personal twist to the 5SOS song, Jannik’s cover of “Jet Black Heart” is a must watch! While most covers of JBH is usually referred to as acoustic versions, Jannik adds a little twist to your usual “acoustic cover” making it incredibly a great rendition!

3. “Catch Fire” by Beside The Bridge

“Catch Fire” is one of the fans’ favorites off of Sounds Good Feels Good album and this band’s cover gave justice to it! Beside The Bridge’s members had a great time jamming along to the upbeat pop punk tune and their vocals will blow your minds away.

2. “Broken Home” by Emily Moore

There’s nothing more beautiful than watching a raw acoustic cover of Broken Home”Take all the drums, bass and electric guitars away and leave the acoustic guitar on, you’ll have this beautiful rendition by Emily. Accompanied by her amazing voice, this is one of our favorite 5SOS covers of all time!

1. “The Girl Who Cried Wolf” by Sarah White

You all might be wondering, a simple home-made video topped the list?! Hold your horses until you’ve watched this amazing cover by Sarah White of another fan favorite, “The Girl Who Cried Wolf”! Who needs professional lighting and creative backdrops when you’ve got an amazing (effortless) voice and guitar skills! This girl surely pulled off  her 5SOS cover and, here at CelebMix, we always love seeing new talented faces to feature. Make sure to check out her channel for more amazing covers!

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Written by CelebMix