Top Five Netflix Mysteries

Arguably what keeps our square eyes glued to TVs night after night, escaping from real-world drudgery, is intrigue. We savour movies and series which serve up questions galore, freeing us to craft our own theories – before blowing them out of the water with spectacular finales. Got Netflix? Here are five of its offerings that’ll fix you firmly to your sofa…

5. Circle

Fifty innocent civilians are trapped in a futuristic ring of death in this subtly scary thriller. Players vote for who in the circle to kill off (literally) every two minutes until there’s only one survivor. Who’s pulling the strings? Why were those fifty selected? Circle is a smart sci-fi flick with a neat concept, albeit let down by a ‘meh’-inducing ending.

4. The Returned

A small town is startled by the reappearance of once-dead folk in this ten-part AMC sci-fi. The families’ faces upon reunion are a picture, with each episode exploring a character’s death and teasing why they’ve returned. A paranormal youngster and one woman’s deadly plan both fed into The Returned’s mysterious vibes – but with just one season, few of our questions were ever answered.

3. Stranger Things

You still haven’t seen it? 2016’s biggest TV phenomenon behind Bake Off and Honey G, Stranger Things delivers cryptic concepts sprinkled with countless ’80s throwbacks. A missing kid, a government cover-up and a supernatural girl are threaded with a magical aura both gripping and heartening. Season 2’s being filmed now, so catch up pronto.

2. Glitch

Prepare for more ‘back from the dead’ malarkey. This Australian take on the concept magnifies the emotional repercussions of resurrection – on the dead themselves and the unlucky copper who happens to find them. Rising from their graves in their birthday suits, these wonders of science discover that all is not how it once was, and that their renewed existence isn’t as free as it initially seemed.

1. Scream: The TV Series

Scream merges horror, thriller and teen soap opera into one rousing TV trifle. It’s a whodunit at its core, with a masked serial killer slaughtering Lakewood’s townsfolk and terrorising a bunch of tech-savvy high schoolers. As a mother’s dark past comes back to haunt her, who will survive this bloodthirsty psycho’s vengeful wrath? And just who is this lunatic anyway? With two seasons available now and a third coming in 2017, this is a binge-watch so good it’ll make you Scream.

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Written by CelebMix