Track-By-Track EP Review: Dami Im – Live Sessions

We have a new EP from Dami Im. This new collection of tracks is her first EP since 2012. It contains six tracks, some of which we have heard from Dami Im before, only this time around, they have been recorded during live sessions – hence the title of this EP.

Dami Im is a crazily talented artist who first made her name known for winning the fifth season of the Australian version of The X Factor. Run forward a couple of years and she ends up representing Australia at the Eurovision Song Contest 2016 with the song “Sound of Silence”; she placed second overall with Australia’s best result – 511 points. The song had moderate success internationally and she’s destined to become a global star. She recently dropped her fifth studio album, just last year, titled I Hear A Song which really showcases her as an artist. Now, she’s managed to impress us even more with the release of this EP.

Talking about the release of Live Sessions EP, Dami Im said: “I love performing my songs live. It’s the only time I can connect with each person on such an intimate level as I share the deepest parts of me.” The EP contains a few covers and a few original songs, with some of which that have been previously released. These new live versions show a different side to the songs. Here’s our track by track EP review.

Dreamer – Live

The first track on the EP and Dami Im jumps right in with her raw live vocals. The spotlight is on her for this song and for the others that follow and gosh does she impress. The song has been written by Carl Dimataga and Dami Im creating this awesome set of lyrics that are there to make an impact; and, wow, does she do just that. There’s so much raw emotion in this song, it’s clear she’s put her whole heart into this song, and it has certainly paid off. The song is all about fighting for what you want and who you are, battling against the haters, the naysayers, and inner demons.

I Hear A Song – Live

FIRE! This is a track we fully loved from her 2018 album I Hear A Song, and so, to hear a recorded live version of the track gives us chills throughout. The song has this instant classic feel about it and is certainly a track that is full of jazz vibes constructed in a modernised sound. Yet, we never expect Dami Im to impress us even more with this live version. On first listen of the recorded version of “I Hear A Song“, we fell in love with the track, but this live version has allowed her to times our feelings towards the song by 100. A total must-listen and it deserves to become a Dami Im-iconic track.

Like A Cello – Live

Another song from her most recent album, “Like A Cello” was the last track on I Hear A Song allowing her to truly go out with a bang; and, we loved this one just as much, stating: “Once again, just like the previous original song ‘I Hear A Song’, this feels like a classic track she has refreshed.” The lyrics are tongue-in-cheek with Rihanna’s name cropping up – who’d have thought we’d hear Rihanna’s name in a jazz song? We adore this one, and Dami Im has nailed it as a live version. This is one we would love to hear live, and although we’re the other side of the world, in the UK, this Australian artist makes us feel like we’re attending one of her home gigs. Rich, raw, relaxed, Dami Im is a star!

Super Love – Live

Time for a throwback Dami Im track, “Super Love” was officially released in 2014. The dance-pop track is one of her biggest hits, managing to hit number 11 in Australia and number 16 in South Korea – becoming her highest charting single, in the latter, to-date. So, hearing this song as a live version on this EP, stripped back, is very special to her fans. The song allows her to continue to send out her emotional vibes as she holds onto those long notes. Her voice is incredible and shows her versatility with the addition of this song on the EP. It’s catchy and powerful, whilst the lyrics are relatable to a lot of people who are in love.

Sound Of Silence – Live

If any song is iconic to Dami Im, it’s this one. “Sound Of Silence” is her Eurovision song which managed to place second in the Eurovision Song Contest 2016 which scored 511 points, just missing out on giving Australia their first win; instead, Jamala won for Ukraine with the song “1944”. We’ve heard this song live on TV, back in 2016, when she performed on the Eurovision Song Contest, and so it’s interesting to here her sing it live, once again, for this EP, two/three years later. The song is just as powerful as it was back then, only Dami Im’s vocals have become even more exceptional. In this version, she has stripped it back even more, to an almost acoustic version and it gives it this raw, intense, and heartfelt feeling, spinning it into something beyond powerful. Just WOW!

Amazing Grace (My Chains Are Gone) [Live]

Ending this EP on a cover of Chris Tomlin’s “Amazing Grace (My Chains Are Gone)” – which was written by Chris Tomlin and Louie Giglio – Dami Im proves her worth as an artist, singer, and live performer. The song samples the hymn, “Amazing Grace”, and Dami Im makes it her own with this live version. This is not an easy song to sing at all, and Dami Im makes it sound easy as she puts her all into the song. What a way to end this EP.

This EP is completely WOW! Dami Im sure knows how to impress with her live vocals, and if we had the money we’d be booking flights to Australia right now so that we could attend her “Dreamer Tour”. That’s right, Dami Im is set to tour Australia, starting in August 2019 – which is a whole seven months away. Considering that time-span, could we expect more new music from this talented Korean-born Australian singer? Or are we just wishfully dreaming?

Tickets for the tour are available to purchase now, through Dami Im’s official website. Here are the tour dates:

  • 2 August – Ballina, NSW (RSL)
  • 3 August – Grafton, NSW (Saraton Theatre)
  • 9 August – Orange, NSW (Civic Theatre)
  • 10 August – Dubbo, NSW (RSL)
  • 16 August – Armidale, NSW (RSL)
  • 17 August – Forster, NSW (Club Forster)
  • 23 August – Wagga Wagga, NSW (Civic Theatre)
  • 24 August – Albury, NSW (Entertainment Centre)
  • 30 August – Thirroul, NSW (Anita’s Theatre)
  • 31 August – Canberra, ACT (Southern Cross Club)
  • 6 September – Wyong, NSW (Arthouse)
  • 7 September – Port Macquarie, NSW (Panthers)
  • 27 September – Melbourne, VIC (The Palms At Crown)
  • 28 September – Ballarat, VIC (Wendouree Centre For Performing Arts)
  • 4 October – Warrnambool, VIC (Lighthouse Theatre)
  • 5 October – Horsham, VIC (Town Hall)
  • 6 October – Bendigo, VIC (Capital Theatre)
  • 19 October – Brisbane, QLD (The Tivoli)
  • 24 October – Sydney, NSW (Metro Theatre)
  • 25 October – Nelson Bay, NSW (Nelson Bay Diggers)
  • 26 October – Belmont, NSW (Belmont 16s)
  • 14 November – Albany, WA (Entertainment Centre)
  • 15 November – Mandurah, WA (Performing Arts Centre)
  • 16 November – Perth, WA (Astor Theatre)

We are hoping, one day, for Dami Im to announce a gig in the UK, as we totally need to hear these awesome live vocals at least once. We need a world tour!

Live Sessions EP is available to download and stream right now, through Sony Music Entertainment Australia. Don’t forget to get your gig tickets to see this incredible artist.

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Written by Jonathan Currinn

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