Yellow image displaying some of the lyrics from "Change" with Troy Ogletree standing in the middle and ÊMIA is crouching.

DISCOVER: Troy Ogletree Collaborates With ÊMIA For The Brilliantly Addicting Single “Change”

Last week saw Troy Ogletree & ÊMIA team-up for the awesome single “Change” that we absolutely adore and have been listening to all week. It’s such a perfect collaboration! This follows up Troy Ogletree’s single “Something Nothing” and ÊMIA’s single “Selfish”.

Troy Ogletree is a rising actor and musician who is mostly known for playing Romeo in the 2015 film The Walking Deceased. He has been in the music industry for a number of years, with his debut single “Let Me Down” being his most-streamed Spotify single to-date. Keep an eye on Troy Ogletree as we’re excited to see what the future brings him.

As for ÊMIA, real name Anh Le, she is a Brooklyn-based singer-songwriter and producer. She’s been building herself up in the music industry for a number of years, first starting off with home-videos, to covering songs on YouTube, to releasing her music on SoundCloud. She has racked up millions of views since and that has allowed her to work with a variety of artists and high-profile labels. She’s received critical acclaim for her music – we completely loved her debut EP, titled Little Secret and even managed to interview her about her EP. We cannot wait to see what she releases next.

According to Spotify, this track has been written by the artists themselves. It’s a very cute song, which starts off with both artists’ voices harmonising from the get-go, singing the unforgettable chorus. Troy Ogletree and ÊMIA’s voices sound amazing together, they meld brilliantly and easily send across emotion to the listeners. The song’s lyrics are inspiring, especially during this COVID-19 pandemic times as all of our lives have changed in some way during this year, and this track inspires goodness and that the changes we’ve all gone through can be something good for us all. ÊMIA’s voice really makes a stunning impact on the song making us hope she has a worldwide hit sometime in the future, whilst Troy Ogletree’s passion floods the track making “Change” really powerful. This song is truly unforgettable and addicting! Just what we needed to hear during this difficult time we’re all going through.

Stream Troy Ogletree & ÊMIA’s Single “Change” Here:

“Change” by Troy Ogletree & ÊMIA is available to download and stream right now.

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