Track-By-Track EP Review: ÊMIA Drops Debut EP “Little Secret”

Today marks the release of ÊMIA’s debut EP, Little Secret. This collection of tracks are flat-out amazing and it’s one EP we would happily listen to on repeat. The release follows up last week’s single drop, “If You Can’t Take The Rain“, which we had the honour to premiere.

ÊMIA, real name Anh Le, is a Brooklyn-based singer-songwriter and producer. She’s been building herself up in the music industry for a number of years, first starting off with home-videos, to covering songs on YouTube, to releasing her music on SoundCloud. She has racked up millions of views since and that has allowed her to work with a variety of artists and high-profile labels. She’s received critical acclaim for her music, so we’re excited to be reviewing her debut EP, titled Little Secret.

There’s a total of six tracks on this EP, three of which have been released prior, as singles in promotion for the EP. The single releases were “All I Do”, “Teleprompter”, and “If You Can’t Take The Rain“. The three unheard tracks blend in perfectly. Here are our thoughts on each of the songs.

All I Do

The first track on this EP is “All I Do”, which also serves as the first single release from the EP as it was dropped back in March. Electronic vibes jump straight in at the start along with ÊMIA’s beautiful vocals. The production of the song starts off with club beats but soon tones them down as the song progresses giving the listener a more mellow feeling all the while exposing ÊMIA’s vocals making sure the listener hears every single word. It has a very Ibiza chill-out vibe going one, with ÊMIA sounding sweet and incredible at the same time. This is one track that will help you start your party. We’re quite surprised that no remixes, of this track, has been released yet, surely DJs would snap this one up. The song is about being the bad guy in a relationship and not actually being good for the other person.


This is the first of the unreleased songs on the Little Secret EP, and what a brilliant track it is. The start opens with “Right from the beginning” in a powerhouse vocal that stuns us, with ÊMIA showing off her vocal talent. This singer-songwriter has some incredible soul in her voice gripping us throughout the track. Her emotions on this song clearly run deep and it simply gives us chills. It’s no surprise that this follows “All I Do” as she changes perspective in the relationship she sings about in the previous song, saving herself from hurt and trying to forget about the possible person who could’ve been the one that got away. Technically brilliant, this track stands out completely and the ending bridge switches the track up to a new height. If there’s one song you need to listen to on this EP, it’s this one.


What sounds like a guitar is what opens this track up slowing down the pace of the EP. “Teleprompter” is one unique track that describes a relationship that is on the verge of breaking and she has no idea what to do or say. It’s one of those mixed-feelings tracks that we all can get behind as we’ve all been in situations where we weren’t sure what the right thing to do or say was – sometimes we all need a teleprompter. Her voice is slick on this track, reminding us somewhat of Rita Ora.

If You Can’t Take The Rain

Quite possibly one of our favourite tracks that we’ve heard all year, “If You Can’t Take The Rain” is an impassioned song with the lyrics painting a story. ÊMIA’s vocals are on fire throughout, completely drawing us into the story she is telling. Lyrically, the song speaks of a close one who can’t take her tears, all she needs is a shoulder to cry on but the person she turns to doesn’t lend her their shoulder and so she’s built up the courage and strength inside of her. It’s a very empowering song that’s held with so much emotion and it was an honour to premiere it here on CelebMix.


Stripping back the production of the previous tracks, ÊMIA takes us on a sensual journey allowing her voice to drift us into her world. Her vocals are on point throughout with some incredible held notes. Her voice is clear and crisp whilst still holding a lot of emotion. The song is about missing someone and imagining that person was there with them at that current time, especially when she’s feeling lonely. It touches on the problems and difficulties that people have with long-distance relationships, with missing the person being one of the biggest factors, using that one feeling to create this song. The track feels like something Leah McFall would drop – now that would be an epic collaboration.

In A Second.

The shortest track on the EP, “In A Second.” rounds out Little Secret perfectly. Piano chords kick in immediately for this track and progressed throughout as beats and instruments are added. Her voice compliments the running piano backing track brilliantly and she easily tells the story of how something that once brought you joy can just walk away from you and it’ll all be gone in just a second. It feels like an anxiety track as we all worry that something like that may happen. What a way to end the EP, especially since the end of this track suggests that her EP has gone away in a matter of a second – until you replay them all.

Overall, ÊMIA impresses to no end on this six-track EP, Little Secret. It is intricate, emotional, and unforgettable. This singer-songwriter is on to something, paving her own path in the music industry and proving that she deserves, not only a shot but also her time in the spotlight. She is an artist to watch, that is for sure.

Little Secret is available to download and stream right now, via Internet_Girl Records.

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Written by Jonathan Currinn

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