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Tuvaband Releases Ethereal LP ‘New Orders’

Norwegian artist Tuvaband, aka Tuva Hellum Marschhäuser, introduces her new long-player, New Orders, orbiting around the intangible concept of time. Written, performed, recorded, produced, and mixed by Tuvaband, she played all the instruments on the album, except for the trombone and drums.

Tuvaband explains, “Since the pandemic, the concept of time has confused me a lot. It has felt more abstract than ever. The past has felt both far away and very close at the same time. While I was writing this song, other thoughts about time, in conjunction with various themes, just kept on coming to my mind.”

In 2018, Tuvaband released her debut album, Soft Drop, ghostly and cinematic, followed by 2019’s I Entered the Void, which was nominated for a Norwegian Grammy. Two years later, she released her third album, Growing Pains & Pleasures.

With more than 40 million collective streams, Tuvaband’s sound merges elements of folk-pop, alternative, indie-rock, and shoegaze into musical concoctions reminiscent of Kate Bush, Cocteau Twins, David Lynch, and CocoRosie.

New Orders encompasses 14 tracks, beginning with “Rejuvenate,” blending tones of dream-pop and indulgent shoegaze as Tuvaband’s inimitable, jewel-toned, ethereal voice imbues the lyrics with translucent opulence.

From a subjective viewpoint, highlights include the mist-laced tones of “Something Good,” riding an elegant yet evocative melody dripping with luminous tendrils topped by Tuvaband’s deliciously spectral vocals.

With its velvety, floating flow, “Karma is a Beach” glides on an indie-pop rhythm, measured and graceful, while Tuvaband’s lustrous, translucent timbres infuse the lyrics with moody ozone-laced vapors, at once exquisitely gorgeous and bewitching.

“By the Time You Hear This,” travels on gleaming, glossy surfaces atop a gentle, sparkling piano as wavering synths add luscious, quivering leitmotifs. Wistful and poignant, Tuvaband’s superb, wraithlike timbres imbue the lyrics with flavors both angelic and siren-like.

“Last but not least, it lasted too long / Later than last can we count on the past / Last but not least, it lasted too long / Later than last can we count on the future.”

Wonderfully wrought, New Orders reveals sumptuous sonic spells and magical savors, along with the entrancing voice of Tuvaband.

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Written by Randy

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