Twenty-One of Casey Moreta’s Best Tweets

Hey Violet’s lead guitarist, Casey Moreta is turning 21 years old in a weeks time. Over the course of the past years we’ve seen him grow up–somewhat. To celebrate his 21 years of being on this planet we have 21 of the soon to be 21 year-old’s best tweets!


1. The “Good Morning” Tweet

2. The #1 Rena Fan

3. Tooth Fairy > Doctor

4. Working The Monkey Suit

5. When The Sass Master Sassed The Sass Master

6. Casey McFly

7. When Everyone Was Miranda

8. This Iconic ‘Accented’ Argument

9. This Was All Of Us Honestly

10. The Applebees Tweet

11. Important Updates by Casey Moreta

12. Throwbacks to the ROWYSO Tour Pranks

13. #ROWYSOMemories

This one might not from Casey himself but we thought it deserved a spot on our list. After all, Casey’s face did start Hey Violet’s iconic ROWYSO tour war against their good friends, 5 Seconds of Summer.

14. That’s One Talented Cat

15. Greatest Lads of All Time

There’s no doubt Casey is 5SOS’s biggest fan! Sorry Niall, you’ve been replaced.

16. He’s Also The Cheeseburger’s #1 Fan

17. We Agree!

18. Don’t pick flowers kids!

19. Damn Casey, Back At It Again With Those Tweets

20. Slow Motion Plus Black And White? This Screams Casey Moreta!

21. We Are Super Excited To See What’s To Come!

After being signed to Hi or Hey Records almost two years ago, Hey Violet have released two EPs, headlined a European tour, headlined shows at the Troubadour and the Echoplex, but this is only the beginning. There will be more iconic tweets and black and white photos from the band’s lead guitarist just as there’ll be more albums from the band. We can’t wait to see what will happen during Casey’s 21st year on planet earth!

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Written by CelebMix