TWLOHA founder Jamie Tworkowski Launches New Surf Brand, NEEDS AN OCEAN

To Write Love on Her Arms’ (TWLOHA) founder and New York Times bestselling author of If You Feel Too Much, Jamie Tworkowski, launched a new clothing brand, NEEDS AN OCEAN. The surf-inspired brand, which is also inspired by Jamie’s recent move to Nashville, has launched with a small collection of t-shirts, sweatshirts, hats, and stickers.

Jamie grew up and lived by an ocean for 39 years. His love of surfing is passed down from his parents who owned a surf shop on the coast of North Carolina. Surfing and the salt water are in his DNA. Prior to starting the non-profit organization To Write Love on Her Arms, Jamie was a sales representative for the iconic surf brand Hurley.  Last December, after realizing he needed a change, he moved from Melbourne Beach, Florida to Nashville, Tennessee.

Jamie shares, “I told myself that after hardly surfing at all in recent years, I would be okay without it. I would do my best to let it go. But something happened in the distance. Maybe it was the time and space to think about my story. Maybe it was that I could no longer take the ocean for granted. I ended up falling back in love. On recent trips to Florida, I’ve been surfing almost every day, doing the drive from my parents’ house in Indialantic to Sebastian Inlet, where I grew up surfing. Letting it go made me realize it’s a part of me.”

Launching NEEDS AN OCEAN is a full-circle moment for Jamie. It’s a return to his surfing roots. The hope is to create a unique brand for people who love the ocean, especially those who aren’t able to experience it on a daily basis. Additionally, he hopes to bring surf culture to his new home in Nashville.

 Giving back will be a priority form the start. NEEDS AN OCEAN will be supporting three non-profit organizations: Gideon’s ArmyEqual Justice Initiative, and Waves For Hope. For every shirt and hat sold in July, $1 will go to one of the three charities. 

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Written by Kelly McFarland

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