TXT debuts with “Crown”

The highly anticipated arrival of TXT has finally been announced. After a series of teasers and speculations, the group was officially unveiled on 10th January, 2019. TXT aka Tomorrow X Together is the second boy group formed by Big Hit Entertainment, after BTS.

Today, the five-member band revealed their debut music video for “Crown”, the opening track for their EP “The Dream Chapter: Star”. We must say that the debut was worth the wait!

Instead of committing the mistake of comparing it with the concepts generally put forth by BTS, it would be better to treat TXT and their work as creations in their own right.

Written by Mayu Wakisaka, Hitman Bang, Supreme Boi, Michel Schulz, Melanie Joy Fontana, and Slow Rabbit, “Crown” touches upon the theme of salvation by addressing one’s dilemma as they see their metamorphosis into a monster.

The song begins with boys concern over their transition and their inability to understand the reason behind it. As they look out for the person who they consider to be their source of salvation, they understand the value of embracing their bad side, before they can be saved. What starts as the growth of a horn turns into the “crown” on the head. The song is a quest to search the source of salvation but interestingly, it has not been made clear if the salvation lies in the external source or self-acceptance. The open-ended narrative leaves a room for multiple interpretations.

Sonically, the song has a perfect summer vibe. The lively tune and the vivacious atmosphere completely contrast with the subject matter of the track. All the members have done an impressive job in presenting the concept. Their synchronization as dancers surely makes a powerful impact on the viewer. It will be interesting to see them perform this song live.

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Written by Ayushi

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