Ty Brasel drops new album ‘Destiny: Vol. 1’

‘Destiny: Vol.1’ by Ty Brasel represents a story of resilience, hope, and new beginnings. Born and raised on the outskirts of Memphis, Brasel knows a thing or two about destiny and not being dealt the best deck of cards. 

Ty Brasel’s new album ‘Destiny: Vol.1’ features guest appearances, street-smart hip-hop, and soaring pop hooks, all sprinkled with hopeful, forward-looking lyrics. The project also encapsulates Brasel’s desire to make honest, conscious hip-hop that contrasted the destructive themes he previously portrayed in his music.

Ever since his 2017’s ‘Young T,’ and 2018’s ‘Destined For Greatness,’ Brasel showcases Southern-style rap inspirations like Kendrick Lamar, Curren$y, and Post Malone. However, on the new record ‘Destiny: Vol.1,’  Brasel exhibits open conversation about mental health with vulnerable lyrics and a shoulder to cry on for others going through tough times. 

The lead single ‘On Me’ featuring vocalist Jenna Wright is a fast-paced euphoric soundscape touching upon the pressure of your life’s calling with a shout-out to Memphis basketball legend Penny Hardaway. 

Ty Brasel is proud to leave the darkness of his past for the bright promise of a better future. On ‘Right My Wrongs,’ the singer opens up about fighting his demons and wanting to correct past mistakes. He raps about striving and hunger to live to the fullest on’ Shine. 

After tasting the lowest of the lows, Ty Brasel embarks on a spiritual journey and aims to break boundaries within hip-hop by making great music with a message of hope. And he is succeeding with over 52 million streams and a vast social media following. 

Ty Brasel is on the rise and has the potential to rebrand the nature of hip-hop. ‘Destiny: Vol.1’ will speak to the masses and make a fundamental change in people’s lives. 


Written by Emma

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