Universal Studios Introduces American Horror Story Maze This Halloween

Which American Horror Fans loved the ghosts, clowns, mutant babies, latex-bound men (only if it’s Evan Peters) and drug addicts sewn into their mattresses? Now’s your chance to see it all up close and in person as throughout the iconic history of American Horror Story, a real life interpretation has been running around the creative minds behind Universal Studios leaving us all with the opportunity to attend an AHS themed maze this year at the annual Halloween Horror Nights event.

Over the years John Murdy and Michael Aiello have payed a lot of attention as to what the Horror Night fans want to see and many of the tweets they’ve received have been “We want to see American Horror Story!”

The centrepiece attraction will be an ode to three seasons: Murder House which includes the rubber man, Freak Show which introduced us to Twisty the Clown and Edward Mordrake, lastly is the recently finished Hotel starring the countess.

Creative directors and producers of Halloween Horror Nights, John Murdy and Michael Aiello have worked very closely with Ryan Murphy’s design team to replicate the genuine horror the best they can for AHS fans. Alongside the AHS maze, it will be joining familiar titles such as; The Exorcist, Freddy vs. Jason, Krampus and The Walking Dead.

When asked how they chose those free specific seasons, Michael responded with “Trying to do all of the seasons at once, in our opinion, would have been a disservice to each one of the instalments, because there are so many characters and environments. To narrow it down to three on this occasion, to be able to give each season it’s worth, so to speak, was definitely a path we wanted to go down.” John then added, “When you think about it from a guest perspective, two of the choices were really obvious. You want to start at the beginning — Murder House and you want to end it with the most recent season, which is Hotel.”

John said that main attraction towards the Freak Show section of the maze will be Twisty the Clown. “It’s convenient that ten percent of the American population has a phobia of clowns. As creators of this content, we study psychology and all of this stuff to find out what our guests are truly afraid of, and we know that a huge percentage of people coming to the event can’t deal with clowns. In my opinion, I think Twisty’s one of the scariest clowns I’ve ever seen.” Also regarding Freak Show, when you enter it will be the night Mordrake appears with his green fog.

The key figures and scenes John and Michael knew the fans needed to see was the basement in Murder House (“that’s a must.” – John Murdy), Doctor Charles Montgomery, Rubber man and his red room, the Countess, Room 64, the creepy nursery and Mattress Man.

To newbies entering the maze who have never seen the show before, John and Michael will be adding bits of audio throughout to help give some understanding. Murder House has the Eternal Darkness Bus Tour in which a man tells the brief history of why this house is so notorious and Freak Show has the radio which tells the story of horrible murders we know Twisty is committing.

Universal Studios Halloween Horror Nights runs in Hollywood and Orlando from September 16 through to October 31.

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Written by ShelbyAmess

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