The Vamps

The Vamps Best Vocals!

The Vamps are known across the globe, and are one of the most popular bands around.

From their debut single ‘Can We Dance’ going straight to number two in 2013, to them now having recorded their version of the well known song ‘Kung Fu Fighting’ for the film Kung Fu Panda 3 which hits our cinemas in March, there’s been lots of highlights when it comes to their vocals!

We thought we would countdown the best vocals from the boys!


10. Sorry (Cover)


This great cover includes some great high notes and riffs from these very talented boys!


9. Stolen Moments (Acoustic)


This great original song from the boys is a very emotional one, again – some great notes are hit in this captivating song.

8. Wake Up (Live on Blue Peter)


This performance of their original song Wake Up is one of the best of 2015! After their little break of not releasing any songs due to album #2, this was their newest release and one of their first performances of the year and definitely one of the most vocally exceptional performances from the boys!


7. MMMbop (Cover)


After covering this back in 2013, they have once again done a version of this! Featuring great notes and guitar riffs from the boys. Again, it is very light and great to listen to.


6. Uptown Funk (Cover)


This lively cover suits the boys style of music. Very lively and is a treat to listen to, especially when it is performed live.


5. Million Words (Live)


This touching original song – performed with an acoustic guitar proves to be a very entrancing song to listen to. Brad’s vocals never fail to disappoint.


4. Love Yourself (Cover)


Again, the boys have covered Bieber. The Vamps prove their vocal abilities as individuals and as a group!


3. Let Her Go (Cover)


Nothing but an acoustic guitar and the raw voices of the boys – definitely one of our favourites, again the genuine talent from these boys is ever present.


2. Rest Your Love (Acoustic)


Again, the obvious and great talent clearly shines through in this great performance. The vocal range and tone of the voices together just blend perfectly for this amazing performance. James’ solo in this is flowing and beautiful, his tone is just incredible.


1. Risk It All (Live)


This amazing song again, reveals the talent of these incredible boys. This is definitely one of the best live performances by these boys and shows their amazing vocal abilities as individuals and group, which is why we’ve put it as the number one!


Do you agree with our top ten of The Vamps’ best vocals? Have we missed any out? Are any of these your favourite?

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Written by CelebMix