The Vamps London Fanfest Review

On 29th October I attended The Vamps fanfest concert.

The Vamps performed 8 songs and a Q&A in the O2’S little sister – indigO2.

The concert started off with an amazing DJ set by YouTuber and online presenter, Luke Franks. It made the crowd hyped for The Vamps and everyone loved dancing to his mixs.

Then The Tide came on, they sung Shut Up and Dance and some originals and the crowd loved them as much as they loved Luke Franks, we were near Drew’s side and he looked like he enjoyed the time a lot.

After that we waited for a few minutes until Joe (the vamps manager) came on and thanked us for supporting the vamps and of course promoted the new album and world tour next year. ;)

Then finally it was The Vamps, without being biased they were honestly the best! Brad couldn’t stay still, he danced around the whole time and interacted with the crowd a lot and sounded amazing as did James and Connor. Tris was also amazing at drumming!

The concert was also a laugh with the boys silly jokes and fun. Shower caps and pretend poos were thrown at them throughout the concert, the signs that were brought were as amazing as the crowd were.

Overall the concert was brilliant and the new songs sound so good, im so excited to hear them all live next year! If you can, definitely go and see the vamps live, you won’t regret it.

Written by CelebMix