The Vamps release music video for their new single “Personal”

What happens when you fail to confess your love? The Vamps show us the consequences in the music video for their new single “Personal”. For this song, the group collaborated with Maggie Lindemann.

Today, the group took to their social media accounts to announce the release. The song is part of The Vamps’ concept album “Night and Day” which features several new singles by the group including “Middle of the Night”.

The music video of “Personal” begins with a clip depicting protagonist’s childhood. The role of the male protagonist is being played by Brad and needless to say, he has done a great job. As he gifts Maggie a bracelet, who is portraying Brad’s love interest in the video, he expects a long-lasting relationship that would hopefully make a transition from friendship to love.

Both the characters are seen holding grudges against each other for not confessing their feelings when they had a chance. But the music video offers a different angle. As Maggie shows her side of the story, it is revealed that it is the fear that characters held within themselves which inhibited them from making a move. The blame can’t be transferred to the other person.

“Personal” then, is not merely a love song but a reflection on the repercussions of miscommunication. The sweet moments between Brad and Maggie, shown in the video, offers viewers an alternative ending. It shows the “possibility” of them being together had they given up on their grudge. The concept is executed really well and one must definitely check out the video.

Maggie’s vocals enliven the single with her vocals as well as her performance. Also, each and every member is looking dapper in the video.

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