Vicu Releases Sensual R&B Love Song “Focused On You”

From the heart of Maryland, USA, R&B artist Vicu has dropped a new single entitled “Focused On You.” After the 2020 release of “BTTFL”, Vicu is giving us a silky R&B tune to indulge in.

“Focused On You” talks about all things love. This track is an authentic message to his lover that they are not only his top priority but he’s completely focused on them. Here to whisk you off your feet, the track is layered with cool, fresh tones that make this song a total fresh breath of air.

This track comes sweeping in with amourous guitar and subtle synths. The guitar is a light, electric fantasy with desirable riffs and runs that scream sensual. The beat to this track is intense and calm all at the same time – a bit like a passionate love, everything about this track is engulfed in tantalising energy. His influences in music stem from Drake, Bazzi and Justin Bieber, which is clear to see in the smooth talking aura of this single. Arriving just in time for those warm, summer days Vicu shares, “I want the listener to be able to roll the top down and take their girlfriend or boyfriend on the adventure of a lifetime.”

Vicu’s honest approach to writing makes it highly relatable and real, known for his raw and sultry tunes everything about Vicu is trendy and hot. Vicu hopes to inspire people to follow their hearts and do what sets them alight. If you need a message to do what you love, it’s here and it’s from this R&B king. Go check out this latest single “Focused on You” – you won’t regret it.

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Written by ChloeRobinson

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