VIDEO PREMIERE: Juna N Joey ‘More Than A Maybe’

Young love is innocent, raw, and intense. There is nothing like feeling the butterflies for the first time. Having a crush can make you feel like you’re in a movie and you are the main character. And every good romance movie has a soundtrack that perfectly navigates through the ups and downs of young love. 

Nashville-based sibling duo Juna N Joey put all their efforts into creating the perfect summer love song. The new single, ‘More Than A Maybe, ‘ touches upon the classic high school romance scenario. Juna N Joey is becoming an expert in writing relatable lyrics for those in love and heartbroken.  

In the previous single, ‘Til Your Heart Breaks,’ the duo depicts the classic country theme of heartache. Whereas ‘More Than A Maybe’ picks up the tempo and fuses the traditional country sound with more rock soundscapes. 

Joey elaborates on the theme behind ‘More Than A Maybe’: “As a guy, it takes courage to ask a girl out on a date and face a potential rejection. On the other hand, you have to just do it and ask them out, and you are hoping for anything but a hard no, even if it is ‘More Than A Maybe.’ My favourite line to sing is: There’s a little movie playing in my head, and the other line is: It’s gonna be a night that we will never forget.”

Written by Emma

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