VISSIA’s The Cliffs is a beautiful celebration of friendship

VISSIA’s music tends to be about love. Not happily-ever-afters, not even necessarily romance, but love in all its messy complications. In ‘The Cliffs’, VISSIA celebrates the platonic love of friendship and the support found there.

The power of VISSIA is unmistakably feminine, coming from a place of utter empathy and descriptive talent in the way she draws on the power of nature and earth in order to create a totally unique personality which shines through in every single track.

‘The Cliffs’ is a celebration of the support to be found in your loved ones, watching as they take on a challenge with you by their side, as cheerleader and first port of call when searching for encouragement. Accompanied by a glorious music video which seems to nod to the retro sun-soaked vibes of Lana Del Ray and the carefree melodies of Halsey or Hayley Kiyoko, this song and video is truly VISSIA’s crowning achievement, taken from her upcoming full length, With Pleasure, an album which astounds and surprises at every turn.

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Written by Emma

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