Is Void Stiles Returning For The Teen Wolf Finale?

This question is yet to be confirmed! However, photos have surfaced online of 2017 Stiles Stilinski looking all void-like again.

Void Stiles was a huge success back on season 3 of Teen Wolf, giving Dylan O’Brien the opportunity to show everybody that he could do more than be a comedic and sarcastic character for the show. Even the cast of Teen Wolf say Void Stiles is their favourite villain of the entire show. Fans went wild seeing this whole new side of Stiles and they’re going even wilder, as it looks like we may be reuniting with the iconic villain!

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With only one episode of Teen Wolf left, Dylan O’Brien will finally be joining the pack as Stiles Stilinski for the very last time. But, how long will he be on their side for? With the Oni also returning, it makes complete sense that Void Stiles will most likely be showing up once again. It all connects back to the Argents and if you remember, Alison died at the hands of Void Stiles’ army.

Although we would much prefer to see a badass version of Stiles as his former-self, loved up with Lydia Martin… We are extremely excited to see Dylan O’Brien as Void Stiles one last time. So are the fans! Here’s a handful of tweets from fans expressing their excitement and a sneak peek of Void Stiles back in action.

Watch a sneak peek of Stiles Stilinski’s return to the Teen Wolf 6B finale here:

Watch the Teen Wolf 6B finale promo here:

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