WALK THE MOON Concert Review

On April 30, we got the opportunity to go to Walk The Moon’s concert at Rochester Institute of Technology in Rochester, New York. It was a fantastic show, and here’s a break-down of some of the best moments.

Opening Act: The Colourist

Before Walk The Moon emerged, The Colourist performed. Fun, quirky, and laid-back, they smashed it. Considering that the majority of the audience had never heard of the band (a quick poll was conducted by vocal and guitarist Adam Castilla), by the end of their set, the entire audience was dancing. Overall, they are an excellent, fun band that is very good live.

Walk The Moon

As soon as the lights shut off, the entire venue starting screaming. And then, they emerged: the four lovely members of Walk The Moon. The entire concert was a bit like a psychedelic eighties dream mixed with the perfect amount of hardcore rocker and personal pizzazz.

The night kicked off with renditions of “Jenny” and “Sidekick,” both upbeat, fast-tempo songs. From the first drumbeat, the entire band was energetic. Frontman Nicholas Petricca is a true star, shaking his hips and screaming at the top of his lungs. Bassist Kevin Ray head-bangs and prances around the stage, throwing multiple guitar picks into the audience and causing many a frenzy. Guitarist Eli Maiman also loves to run around onstage, and even came down and high-fived the entire front row.

One of the highlights of the concert was the song “Up 2 U.” With a more standard rock sound to it, this song is one of the best ones live. The pure energy flowing from the stage is incredible, and there is nothing quite like dancing along with your favorite band to such an upbeat and crazy song.

The calmest moment of the night came a few songs later with the performance of “Aquaman.” Keeping with the sea theme of the song, aqua blue lights lit up the band members as they shared their best interpretive ocean dance moves. “Aquaman” provided the perfect break from the craziness of the rest of the concert.

Anther highlight of the show came when Petricca climbed into the crowd during “I Can Lift a Car.”

Getting the opportunity to be up close and personal with members of your favorite band is an incredible experience, and during a song about pushing your way through life and not letting anyone drag you down is even more special.

Overall, seeing Walk The Moon live was amazing. They are energetic, amusing, and inspiring. One moment that struck a chord was when Petricca spoke of taking the energy from the concert and using it in your everyday life. And it’s incredible, because you can. To paraphrase Petricca from tonight, “you can change the world with…rock ‘n’ roll….”

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Written by CelebMix