Walk The Moon cancel upcoming shows

After the recent events in Paris, we’ve seen a growing list of artists postponing or cancelling their gigs all around the world – as of today, Walk The Moon can be added to that list.

On the band’s facebook page, the guys explain how they’ve reached their decision in a wonderfully written message.

“As world events continue to develop, the fire in us burns harder, hotter – our desire to fight back, to play music despite fear and hate, to bring some light to those who, perhaps, need it more than ever right now. But after we wrestled with ourselves, losing sleep, sharing nightmares, we came to this realization: even stronger than our desire to play is our need to protect the people we love: our families, our crew, and the thousands of fans who would be coming to see us. The risk is too much for us to bear. For that reason, we are sorry to announce that we have decided to cancel our upcoming eight shows in the UK + Europe.”

“This hurts to write, and we know so many of you have been hurt more deeply than we can imagine. Our hearts go out to you, especially to those directly impacted. When we return in February 2016 for our biggest European tour yet, together we can sing, scream, shake the ground with our feet, and maybe even heal a little. Until then, stay strong and continue to let music fill you up with love for life. We love you and we’ll see you soon.”

And while we’re sad that the concerts we were looking forward to won’t take place, we absolutely support the band’s decision to cancel them and they’ll still have our full support when they get back on the road.

Let us know what you think over at @Celebmix – is cancelling all eight shows a bit too much or have the Walk The Moon lads made the right decision?

Written by CelebMix