The Walking Dead inspired “Walker Stalker Con” Comes to London’s Olympia

American TV show ‘The Walking Dead’ is so popular, it even has its own convention for fans to come along to. ‘Walker Stalker Con” usually takes place in cities across the US. Today, however, it has travelled across seas to the UK’s capital.

The weekend long event features appearances from fan favourite characters including Daryl, Rick and Carl. Fans of the show are able to have photo opportunities with the actors and can pay for autographs on site.

As well as celebrity appearances, there are many vendors advertising their expertise. These include special effects make-up, comic books, merchandise and there is even a tattoo artist is on hand.

Norman Reedus, who plays Daryl on the show, posted this video to his social media accounts, showing just how busy the convention is going to be.

Reedus will be joined by Andrew Lincoln, who plays Rick, for a one off panel on Sunday. Tickets for this particular panel sold out in a matter of seconds. However it’s hardly surprising seeing as they are arguably the two favourites throughout the series.

Not only did the panel sell out quickly, so did photo ops with the pair. Melissa McBride (Carol, The Walking Dead) also sold out in a matter of minutes.

Although some of prices are quite high, Andrew Lincoln will be donating all proceeds from his photo ops and panel to a charity of his choice. So not only does the convention provide a once in a lifetime opportunity for fans, it is also helping people that aren’t so lucky.

There was a little disappointment a few weeks ago, when Stephen Yeun (Glenn) and Emily Kinney (Beth) dropped out of the convention. However, we are all hoping that they can make it to the next one!

Check out the trailer for the next episode of series 6, coming to the UK Monday night.


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Written by CelebMix