A set shot of Rick Grimes feeds our Walking Dead Season 6 hunger.

The Walking Dead: Season 6 set shots released

Scenes from the set of Season 6 of The Walking Dead remind us that it’s almost zombie killing time again. The show’s fifth season left fans of the zombie thriller show with more questions about the fate of the post-apocalypse marauders than ever. The cast, writers and production staff left us more worried more than the time the group was locked in a slaughterhouse bin. (Which is not an easy task.) Rick has just added to his human kill list. We saw the addition of fresh faces as well as old acquaintances, and yet another wall separates his group from zombies and a mysterious cult of survivors daubed the Wolves.

If last season was an indicator, TWD writers have no reservations about killing characters for no apparent reason. The group will return with more tension than ever, as we watched the deputy from Cynthiana sink deeper and deeper into the shadows of his mind. A look at the photos gives a bleak outlook for our heroes. We have been with the cast through a lot, and last season we lost a bevy of beloved characters (we’ll miss you Beth). There’s no way to know for sure what next season has in store, but in an interview with Movie Pilot, executive producer of The Walking Dead, Greg Nicotero, informed us that the Season 6 premier will feature a whopping 300 zombies, a TWD single episode record.

So, there is a lot to look forward to. The confines of Alexandria will surely provide a splendid stage for next season’s struggle for power and survival. As for why Rick is sitting on a porch in bloody boots, musing with a gun in his hand, we’ll have to wait until October 11th for the gory details.

You can check out shots of Andrew Lincoln’s Rick Grimes and a host of other shots from Season 6 of The Walking Dead here. And take a look at the chilling TWD trailer below.


Written by CelebMix