warner case drops Fahrenheit busting remix of Matveï’s ‘REGRESO’

When two worlds come together as seamlessly as NYC-based DJ / producer/musician warner case and Matveï, you’d be remiss to think the respective artists have been working together for years. This is not the case, though, with this club-infused, heart-thumping remix of Matveï’s fan-favourite ‘REGRESO’, coming off the release of the forthcoming remix EP ‘SEASONS (Remixes) featuring the likes of fellow artists Asdek and Tom Jarney.

Showcasing immaculate elements of old-school house, bass, pop, and funk, infused within this dynamic offering for the summer season, this remix is as pure as remixes get, and it is something warner is very proud of it.

Keeping the majority of main elements from the original song (originally released in 2020) and barely affected by the proverbial mix-up by warner; he added nothing melodic whatsoever.

Shout out to warner case for this perfect groovy remix

Matveï on the release of the remix

“I simply recontextualized the beauty that was already there to bring a whole new energy and feeling; listen closely to the original and you’ll hear my remix,” warner says on the release of the song. “It works as a symbol of optimism: you choose how to see your world.”

Matveï’s ‘REGRESO’ (warner case remix) is released out now with the aforementioned ‘SEASONS (Remixes)’ EP dropping 22nd September via Kitsuné Musique. Stay tuned!

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