Watch the enticing video of ‘Blood Sweat & Tears’ by BTS

BTS have been teasing the comeback teasers and stuff since the last month by releasing their short film “WINGS” from their newest full-length second album. The short film highlighted every member with a different concept. The album consists of fifteen tracks featuring a song by every member of the group.

Tracklist of the album,
Tracklist of the album, “WINGS.”

The comeback trailer Boy Meets Evil, from the album WINGS featuring Jhope.

The concept of the music video and short film is inspired by Herman Hesse‘s German novel, “DEMIAN.” The song has moombahton genre with enchanting dance choreography by Keone Madrid & Quick Style Crew. The outfits of the group make them stands out and fits the theme of the song.

Have a look at the MV below.

My blood, sweat, and tears, my last dance
Take it all
My blood, sweat, and tears, my cold breath
Take it all
My blood, sweat, and tears

My blood, sweat, and tears and
My body mind soul
Know well that I am yours
This is a spell that will punish me

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