Watch Fall Out Boy Perform Live on Good Morning America

Fall Out Boy recently performed two songs from their brand new album, Mania, on Good Morning America.

The band took to the stage to play their two latest singles, ‘Hold Me Tight or Don’t’ and ‘Wilson (Expensive Mistakes)’. Mania is the seventh studio album by Fall Out Boy and follows up their 2015 album American Beauty/American Psycho.

In an interview with Rolling Stone, Pete Wentz described Mania, saying, “It feels like every once in awhile, you’ve gotta do a hard restart that clears the cache and erases the hard drive. I think that’s what [Mania] was – a big palette cleanse. I think it gave us the space to create something brand new.”

Check out the performance for ‘Hold Me Tight or Don’t’ below!

Check out the performance for ‘Wilson (Expensive Mistakes)’ below!

Mania is out now and can be purchased here. You can catch Fall Out Boy on their huge upcoming tour by clicking here.

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Written by Georgia Brown

A 20 year old from the UK. I like bands and video games. If you believe in music like I do, I'm sure we'll get on well.