Watch INNA’s Outstanding Performance Of “Nirvana” On Kiss FM Romania

We love it when an artist brings a new and incredible live performance, and INNA sure has done that. She performed recently released single “Nirvana” on Kiss FM Romania; but, this is like no other performance you have ever seen.

INNA is a regular guest at Kiss FM Romania, always performing her songs there. So, it’s no surprise that she did return with her latest song “Nirvana“. This song is the lead single from her fifth studio album of the same name, which was released in Romania on 11 December 2017. The album is available to download and stream in various countries; however, in the UK, Portugal, Spain, and others, only a partial album is currently available. We expect the full album to be released internationally sometime in the future – we also hope for some bonus tracks too; we can dream.

Not only that but the song “Nirvana” is unavailable in certain countries. The video is also restricted from these countries too. So, instead, we’re all watching her live performances so that we can hear the song; although, she did drop the audio video on YouTube which isn’t restricted – just yet. She also performed the song on Vocea Romaniei final.

Watch INNA Perform “Nirvana” At Kiss FM Romania Here:

INNA has literally taken some of the magical light effects found in the music video and brought them to this radio performance. She stuns us all by standing in a pyramid of light that is circulating; this creates an interesting visual and stage performance. Her costume is the same one she wore for her “Nirvana” music video.

She has also brought backing dancers who prove that this song is totally a club track. She even gets involved with the dancing, nailing some of the choreography in time with everyone else. Not only that, INNA sings some of the post-chorus, as she has done in previous live videos. There does seem to be a slip up at one point, where her vocals can be heard over the post-chorus when her mic is not near her mouth, she looks at the DJ booth and points at him – she’s clearly not happy. These things happen though and she rectifies the mistake like she’s done plenty of times in the past.

We can’t wait to see what INNA gets up to in the next few months… Surely there’s a reason behind the restrictions on her album in various countries – it has to do with the record labels in each respective country. We hope an international version of her album “Nirvana” will be released with more than the 12 tracks.

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Written by Jonathan Currinn

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