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WATCH: K-Pop Girl Group ITZY Makes Cool and Confident Comeback With “ICY”

Hey, hey, hey! K-pop girl group ITZY is back with their new single, “ICY.”

After making their explosive debut with “DALLA DALLA” in February, ITZY’s “ICY” marks the group’s first comeback and is the lead single from ITZY’s new album IT’z ICY, which released on Monday, July 29. The album has five tracks in total, including new songs “ICY,” “CHERRY,” and “IT’z SUMMER,” as well as remixes for previously-released tracks “DALLA DALLA” and “WANT IT?,” from the group’s EP IT’z Different.

A day before the album’s release, fans were treated with the music video for “ICY,” which sees Yeji, Lia, Ryujin, Chaeryeong, and Yuna strutting in the streets of Los Angeles.

With lyrics like, “Icy but I’m on fire/ A dream inside me, I’m confident/ Look at me, I’m not a liar/ I don’t want to be put in your box,” the women sing about being proud of what makes them different. They don’t care about what others may say or think about them because as long as they’re happy with themselves, that’s all that matters. This message is apparent in the music video, which shows the five women in everyday situations, like going grocery shopping or eating at a diner, while wearing extravagant outfits as onlookers watch them in awe. But as the song goes, the women pay no mind whether people judge them or not.

“DALLA DALLA” has a similar message, with lyrics such as “Just pretty, but not attractive at all. I’m different from the kids/ I’m different/ Don’t measure me by your standards alone/ I love being myself/ I’m nobody else/ I love myself/ Something’s different about me, yeah.”

With singles like “ICY” and “DALLA DALLA,” ITZY has shown that they’re on a mission to spread messages of positivity, pride, and self-love, which is one of the reasons why we admire the group so much!

ITZY fans in North America can see the group perform live when they take the stage at KCON LA on August 18.

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Written by Michele Mendez

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