Watch the Incredible music video for Steve Aoki and Louis Tomlinson’s ‘Just Hold On’

One of the biggest things to happen to music in 2016 was the collaboration between Steve Aoki and Louis Tomlinson for ‘Just Hold On’. When the pair released the song, days after the loss of Louis’ mom Johannah, they had no idea what it would mean to fans across the world. There’s no way they could have anticipated the reaction to the tune, nor the way that fans would continue carrying it for months after.

Steve and Louis have both said, in interviews for promotion for the tune, that fans took this and ran with it. They did promotion all across the world and got the track to number 1. In large, they did it to show support for Louis and Steve and what they did when they paired up – and not just for the song. The friendship between Louis and Steve is indescribable as well – the two are an unlikely, but incredible, pair.

During the promo tour for ‘Just Hold On’, it was revealed that a video for the track would definitely be released, and fans have been waiting (sort of) patiently for it. On March 7th, Steve took to Twitter to announce that he was dropping the video the next day, and once again, the tune was the talk of social media.

Steve told an interviewer that he and Louis decided not to be featured in the video and at first, fans weren’t sure how to react to that news. However, after seeing the incredible video for the song, it makes sense. The video means so many things to so many people – it’s a hopeful anthem, it’s a song about getting through trials and telling yourself that giving up isn’t the answer – you have to hold on, you have to keep going.

The song was also the perfect homage to Johannah and when the pair sang it days after her passing on The X Factor stage, it pulled at the heartstrings of everyone. There’s something about the ability to evoke so many emotions with one tune that makes ‘Just Hold On’ such a standout song. The video reflects that perfectly.

Two people get pulled into a ‘time machine’ of sorts where they proceed to have a shotgun wedding, travel around the world, and end up watching the sunrise together. It’s cute, it’s endearing, and it’s sort of dream-like. It’s a bit enchanting.

Fans are making it a goal to break records with this video, so keep watching it through the day and keep an eye out on social media for more ways to get involved. Steve and Louis – you two smashed it, we couldn’t have imagined a better video for the song.

‘If it all goes wrong, darling just hold on’

Written by Ashley

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