John Stillwell/POOL/AFP/Getty

Watch this Man Bravely Ask the Queen to Record Christmas Broadcast Again

Have you ever found yourself asking for something again? Imagine asking the Queen to do something again? How terrifying that must be. Well a technician found himself having to ask the Queen to repeat what she said for a Christmas Broadcast after a few birds chirped and interrupted the recording.

In a clip that was released by the royal family from Queen of the World, a new documentary on the 92 year old monarch that will premiere on ITV Tuesday. The Queen is seen recording last year’s annual Christmas broadcast, however, some wildlife interfered which led to the technician asking the Queen to do something.

In the clip, the man carefully requests, “Excuse me, is it alright if I can just ask, because there was some bird noises outside, is it possible to redo it from the top?”

“From the top of the second page?” the Queen asks back.

Unfortunately, no. “From the very start,” he answers.

Sounding slightly annoyed but putting humor in her response, “You want the whole thing again?” Queen Elizabeth asks.

“If possible. I know… Thank you,” the sound technician states as he puts his headphones back on.

The Queen is shown having a laugh. After all she is a very busy woman!

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Written by Will Heffernan