Have you watched Ed Sheeran’s movie yet?

The tickets for Ed Sheeran’s movie went on sale on the 24th of September and ever since then we have been really excited.

This special cinema event was beamed live via the satellite from the London’s Leicester Square to selected cinemas today around world. It included red carpet highlights, exclusive live performances, which is definitely something to be excited about.

As well as his breath taking onstage performance, Jumpers for the goalposts will include the story of Ed Sheeran’s tremendous road to Wembley, glimpsing some backstage and behind the scene of the life on the road and Ed intimate reflection to his fans – on just how far he has come.

This special global cinema is an in invitation for Ed Sheeran’s millions of fans who can join along the celebration of his achievements that his fans have given, before ultimately he moves up to the other goals posts once again.

The best and most memorable moments from Jumpers for Goalposts we would say are the behind-the-scenes featurettes that are slotted between the Wembley footage, seeing him interact with his crew/on-the-road-family is priceless and something that the film really doesn’t show enough of. Seriously I wanted more. It was an amazing roller coaster of feelings, this movie, if you have seen this red-head come from the bottom and see him this big. It was definitely worth crying for, we would say.

Anyways, we hope he moves up and up and becomes even bigger, making us happier with his musical notes, his beautiful voice and amazingly played guitar strings.
Ed Sheeran has given such an importance to celebrate his achievements with his fans through this movie – which I’m sure the fans of his are happy and proud about.

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Written by CelebMix