Watership Down: A BBC One & Netflix Partnership

BBC and Netflix, along with an all star cast, are set to release a new adaption of the children’s classic, Watership Down.

Watership Down: A BBC One & Netflix Partnership 1

Netflix is set to co-produce the adaption of the Richard Adams novel with a grand budget of £20 million. The book is the tale of a group of rabbits, who go out in the search of a home as they escape the destruction of their warren.

Watership Down will feature the star cast: James McAvoy as ‘Hazel’ and Nicholas Hoult as ‘Fiver’ who is the younger brother of Hazel and is subjected to horrific visions of the future. John Boyega joins the cast as ‘Bigwing’ and Ben Kingsley voicing ‘General Woundwort’. The show is also set to feature the voice talents of Anne Marie-Duff, Olivia Colmam along with others.

Watership Down: A BBC One & Netflix Partnership 2

The multi million pound animation is going to be based in computer based generated animation.

Many people are excited at the prospect of reliving their childhood, including this eager fan:

Watership Down will air next year on BBC One to UK viewers and internationally on Netflix.

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