Do these neon colours look familiar? You may think that you are plodding down memory lane here with a distinct nod to ‘GTA: Vice City’ but this psychedelic cop show is inspired by 1980’s artist Patrick Nagel.

Prepare to be dazzled! Following the adventures of Moonbeam City PD detective, Dazzle Novak, (a very charming Rob Lowe), ‘Moonbeam City’ is animated in distinctively bright, neon colours. This beautiful show is also is amplified by its ’80s-style synthesizer soundtrack performed by American synth pop band Night Club.

If you loved the FX adult animated series ‘Archer’, then you’re going to love this animated comedy series on Comedy Central. Although ‘Moonbeam City’ has been airing its first season in America for a few weeks now, this crazy show is certainly one to look out for!

Also joining this ensemble cast is ‘Pitch Perfect’ star Elizabeth Banks and the ‘Fantastic Four’s’ new “Invisible Woman”, Kata Mara.

With its off-the-wall humour and keen sense of originality, ‘Moonbeam City’ is probably more clever than funny. Watching this series will almost certainly amplify your thirst for nostalgia. Highlights of the series so far include; Dazzle being tasked with finding a missing dolphin and a 3-day “Cop Con” event.

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Written by CelebMix