Welcome Back T.G.I.T.! (SPOILER WARNING)

September 24th brought the return of the much anticipated T.G.I.T. lineup on ABC.  The Shonda Rhimes trifecta, Grey’s Anatomy, Scandal, and How To Get Away with Murder has returned for new seasons and new plot twists.
The night started at 8 pm with Grey’s Anatomy.  The show has started their twelfth season and their first without McDreamy.  It starts three months after the events from the season eleven finale, after Richard and Catherine’s wedding.  The episode touches harsh realities such as bullying because of sexuality.  Two girls in love jump in front of a train to get away from bullying and to be together forever because their parents do not approve of their love.  The most talked about moment from the episode came from the end when Miranda Bailey became Chief of Surgery at Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital.
Next came Scandal at 9 pm.  Olivia Pope is back for a fifth season and this time with a car crash and a princess.  Fitz throws a state dinner for Prince Richard and Princess Emily.  Princess Emily, an American human rights lawyer who married into royalty, dies in a tragic tunnel car crash.  Liv and Fitz could not get on the same page for the entire episode, with Fitz handing divorce papers to Mellie at her swearing-in ceremony, and by the time they did, their secret was found out.  Sally Langston went on the TV and released suggestive photographs of Liv and Fitz around the White House… YIKES.
The last show of the night was How To Get Away With Murder at 10 pm.  The second season begins where the first season ended.  The crew is working to figure out who killed Rebecca.  They are also working on the case of two adopted siblings, the Hapstalls, who are accused of murdering their wealthy parents.  An ex-girlfriend of Annalise is revealed and helps them with the Nate Lahey case while Annalise confronts Bonnie about Rebecca’s murder.  The episode ended with a two month flash forward to the sound of gunshots Annalise covered in blood at the Hapstall mansion with Wes running away from the scene.  Talk about a cliff hanger!
T.G.I.T., your cliff hangers and crazy plot twists were thoroughly missed.  We cannot wait for next Thursday’s episodes.  T.G.I.T. is on Thursdays starting at 8 pm EST on ABC.

Written by CelebMix