Why We’ll Miss One Direction Concerts

One Direction concerts are definitely the definition of enjoyment. The vibes are quite amazing and it’s a bit difficult to explain in clear words. It’s saddening to see their On The Road Again Tour come to an end, so i’ve put together a few things that we’ll miss about their unique concerts.

  1. One Direction, can dance…well, prance.

As we all know, the tall, curly haired, young man we know as Mr. Harry Styles, has a thing for a bit of ballet on stage here and there. Although, his attempts at the dance sometimes do lead to a fall on stage, but lets pretend that it never happened… for Harry’s sake. We will definitely miss seeing and making those hilarious vines about Harry tripping on stage!

2. Rainbow Direction

As you may have heard, the world famous fan base has created the ‘Rainbow Direction‘ project. The rainbow direction project is a project that has been created to give fans that are a part of the LGBTQIA+ community a safe and accepting place at 1D concerts. This is done by taking rainbow flags, gear, paint, etc. to their concerts. Thank you to all the fans who helped make the project big throughout the tour!

3. Lilo’s Water Fights

Oh Lilo, always trouble with you two! Louis and Liam constantly have those messy water fights, Gatorade fights here and there as well. The fights were always definitely initiated by Louis, but it’d be a reach to say that Liam is innocent, because he’s not! The two were always out for each other and even the fans sometimes!

4. Toilet Breaks

One Direction might be the only group to take toilet breaks in the middle of every single concert! How funny is it that during every concert, the boys’ take a toilet break! What is going on? Not to mention, they’ve SANG and SPOKEN from the toilets before, naughty boys! But, I do guess that doing your business is very important, we’ll let it slide.

5. Rainbow Bondage Bears

As we all know, One Direction’s tour mascots are very famous. According to Larry Stylinson shippers, also known as ‘Larries’, the bears bring us the answers to everything. They contain the truth about the supposed hidden relationship between Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson.

It’s difficult to say goodbye to all those tour moments, but like promised, One Direction will be back sooner that later!

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Written by CelebMix