What we’ve learnt about Season 2 of Supergirl at SDCC

San Diego Comic Con is a major event and a great way to find out all the newest information about the next season of your favourite TV shows. One of the many show casts that were there was the cast of Supergirl. Here’s everything we learnt about the second season.


It was announced before Comic Con that Tyler Hoechlin (known for Teen Wolf among other things) would be joining the cast of Supergirl to play the role of Superman. While at the Supergirl panel, Sarah Schechter talked about how Superman has a very different experience of what it means to have superpowers on Earth and that he was raised with them. We won’t only be seeing Tyler as Superman. While talking to haydenclaireheroes, Sarah Schechter also confirmed that he will also be playing Clark Kent on screen too.

Kara and James

While at the Supergirl panel, Mehcad talked about the relationship between the two of them saying that it’s a new relationship so it’s gonna have up and downs. He also said that he believes Kara is still trying to find out who she is and James is doing the same so that may get in the way a little.


Melissa spoke to Nerdophiles about how in Season 1 it was her coming out party and it was her really figuring out how she fit in the world. She also thinks that she built a solid base for herself and that now it’s time to really mature. This season she’ll be really learning how to juggle it all and find balance. While talking to SEAT42F, Melissa talked about how you find out pretty quickly about what Kara chooses job wise. She also added that she finds it amazing that Cat gave her the freedom to choose. Later on in the interview, Melissa talked about how she’s most excited to see Kara go into her own as a women, not just as Supergirl but in her career and her love life.

When talking to haydenclaireheroes, Melissa talked about the job that Kara gets. She said that she’s really happy with the way that they’ve written it because the career she chooses is one that she isn’t prepared for. She added that she chooses the one career that’s she’s like ‘I know I won’t be good at this’. This means that there’s so much room to grow.

James and Superman

According to Mehcad when he talked to SEAT42F, even though James was scared to have the talk with Superman, it does actually happen in Season 2. They do have an honest and open conversation about how James feels and how Kara feels. Apparently they have a couple of bromance moments and some advice is given.

Kara and Cat

While talking to SEAT42F Melissa spoke about how she sees their relationship to be one of the most important relationships on the show because Cat is a hero herself. She then added that she’s also such a great mentor to Kara.


While talking on the Supergirl panel, Jeremy spoke about how maybe Winn will find someone that won’t break his heart. He then goes on to say that he thinks that this season we’ll get to see Winn reaching his full potential. He said we’ll see him using his skills (IT) in a more productive manner. In the process of his interview with SEAT42F, Jeremy teased that we can expect Winn to work with the DEO again. He also mentioned that he believes this year is about the characters growing and that he thinks Winn will realise more of his full potential.


David talked about the second season to haydenclaireheroes and that he thinks it’ll be more about him coming to terms with being recognised and being in his natural form. David also hopes that we see more of him in his natural form this season too.

Alex Danvers

While talking on the Supergirl panel, Chyler spoke about how this season is an opportunity to learn more about her, and see who she is and what she wants. While talking to SEAT42F, Chyler also teased that we will get to see Alex outside of the DEO.

Snapper Carr

Ian Gomez will be joining the Supergirl cast as previously announced. His character will be as Kara’s new boss. While talking to TVLine, Melissa talked about how she thinks that his character is going to present a lot of challenges for Kara, more than she ever had with Cat.

Chris Wood’s character

Chris Wood (known for The Vampire Diaries and Containment) is also joining the cast this season. In the process of the Supergirl panel, Sarah revealed that he is the mystery character in the pod. While talking to Nerdophiles, Sarah also talked about how you’ll find out who is in the pod very soon but it’ll take a little longer to find out that person’s motivations, back story and what their relationship to Kara will be.

Lynda Carter

If you weren’t previously aware, it is confirmed that Lynda Carter will also be joining the cast. Her character will be the president. This was also confirmed at the panel and in several interviews at Comic Con when she mentioned.

Surprise Return

When being interviewed by haydenclaireheroes, David talked about a familiar face coming back. He then goes on to add that this is a familiar face that Martian Manhunter didn’t think he’d see again and that he’s not particularly pleased to see them.

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