What Design Elements Are Companies Using to Make Their Vapes Look Great?

As the vaping industry has evolved over the years, consumers’ preferences have evolved as well. In the early days of vaping, the typical vaper was completely happy if he or she just had a device that worked. Today, though, even low-end vaping devices are completely satisfying and reliable. Just having a device that works isn’t enough anymore. These days, people also want vaping devices that look great and are going to draw eyes. Since vaping devices have become so affordable, in fact, many people now own several different vapes to match whatever their fashion preferences happen to be on any given day.

So, physical design is the latest frontier in the world of vaping. Since vaping devices no longer differ greatly from one another in terms of their technical capabilities, appearance has become the biggest differentiating factor. People are looking for vaping devices that look great and fit their sense of style, and the manufacturers are doing everything they can to deliver on consumers’ demands.

These are the design elements that manufacturers are using these days to make their vapes look great. The next time you visit a great vape shop like VapeJuice.com, you can look forward to a serious treat for the eyes.

Integrated and Pod-Based Devices

In the vape mods of the past, one of the things that could really detract from the appearance of a device was the fact that you put the device together by screwing a tank into threading at the top of the mod. Having a vaping device that works with any tank is great because it gives you the ability to customize your experience. It’s not great for the appearance of the device, though, since the tank often clashes with the device. 

To create a new generation of devices that look cohesive and don’t clash with themselves, manufacturers are increasingly using an integrated design principle in which the device is proprietary and works only with one matching tank. 

There are two ways of creating a vaping device with an all-in-one or “AIO” design. The first way is by making the tank a permanent part of the vaping device. In that type of device, the tank’s glass enclosure either attaches to a silicone gasket at the top of the device, or it’s built into the device itself. Instead of attaching to threading inside the tank, the atomizer coil connects directly with a contact plate at the top of the battery.

The second way of creating an AIO vaping device is by storing the e-liquid in a removable plastic pod rather than a glass tank. Unlike glass tanks – which are always wide and cylindrical – vape pods are plastic and can have any shape. That enables the creation of much smaller and sleeker vaping devices because the pod actually looks like it’s made for the device rather than looking like a separate component that was made by another manufacturer and purchased separately.

Vape Wraps

No article about fashionable vaping devices would be complete without a mention of vape wraps. A vape wrap is made from a piece of flexible plastic that’s printed on one side and sticky on the other side. It’s designed to fit the contours of a specific model of vaping device, so when you wrap it around your e-cigarette or mod, the vape wrap looks like it’s the actual surface of the device. Vape wraps are usually very inexpensive since they’re essentially just printed vinyl. In addition, they have two other great features that have helped to make them very popular among fashionable vapers.

  • Vape wraps use non-permanent adhesive, so when you decide that it’s time for a change, you can remove the wrap from your device without leaving sticky residue behind.
  • Since vape wraps are printed, they can look like anything you can possibly imagine. There are even some companies that allow you to supply images for custom printing.

The only drawback of vape wraps is that they need to be custom cut to fit specific vaping devices. You’ll probably only find wraps for your vape if you’re using a very popular device.

Vivid New Colors and Patterns

Today’s vape mods are more colorful than ever. Companies are using materials like resin – or stabilized wood, which is a mix of wood and resin – to create vape mods with an amazing variety of colors and patterns that didn’t exist before. You can find mods with swirly patterns, wavy patterns, solid colors with metal trim – just about anything you can imagine. The best part is that when companies start to mix in natural materials like wood, it means that every vaping device is a unique work of art and that no other person will ever own a vaping device exactly like yours. 

The new generation of colorful vaping devices is a real breath of fresh air for those who have been vaping for a while. If you switched to vaping in the very beginning, you can remember a time when e-cigarettes were only available in black and white, and that was it. Today, it’s an absolute guarantee that you’ll be able to find something that suits your style. The best part is that, since resin can be molded into any shape, your tank and mod can be perfect matches for one another.

Exotic Trim Materials

The final way to stand out from the pack in terms of creating a vaping device that turns heads is by offering trim materials that are a bit more luxurious and exotic than the traditional plastic and metal. Some of the luxury trim options that you can find in today’s mods include leather, mother of pearl and abalone shell. For those concerned about animal cruelty, there are also plenty of exotic trim options for vape mods that aren’t derived from animals, including carbon fiber and real hardwood inlays. A vaping device that’s trimmed with a luxury material like leather or hardwood doesn’t just look great; it also feels great in the hand. As you use the device, it’ll acquire a unique patina due to constant contact with your skin, ultimately becoming a fashion statement that’s truly your own.

Written by Monella