What is really wanted in a 1D interview?

Let’s talk music. How to interview 1D by their fans.

Recently there has been a lot of discussion about what celebs should/shouldn’t be asked in interviews. For example, if an artist is being interviewed about a new album,shouldn’t the questions asked focused on what they are promoting as that is the reason they even having the interview?

In a recent interview One Direction were asked more questions about their personal lives then they were about their single “Drag Me Down” which is riding high in charts all over the globe and has been breaking records left,right and centre.

I decided to ask the followers over on the @OneDirectionNDA twitter account ( a music  and charity focused 1D account)  what they would like to see the band asked in promotional interviews for the bands upcoming album.

Most did not want to know what a band member looked for in a girl or how they spent the there time off. Most were interested in the musical process.

Over the years the fans have been give brief glimpses in to the recording process but they’d like to see and know more.



And of course there was the infamous “I Love KFC” snippet while the band were recording the”Midnight Memories”album.



Here are a selection of some of the questions fans would ask if they were ever given the chance to interview the boys.




Written by Kelly McFarland

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