Who Are The Musicians That Love Horse Racing?

Apart from being exciting to watch, horse racing has always been considered a prestigious sport reserved for the elite.

And which is the best sport to attend if you are a successful musician? – That’s right horse racing.

Horse racing has grown into a popular pastime activity for the rich and famous, and musicians are no exception. The thrill of the races is not the only thing that attracts these popular celebrities to the racecourses.

Since horse racing is attended by many popular people, these events have turned out to be great places for musicians to expand their network. Now that the Kentucky Derby distance is less than two months away is time to know whom can we see in the Churchill Downs stands.

This inspired us to look for artists that share a passion for horse racing and that have any involvement at all with the Sport of Kings.

Musicians that Share Passion for Horse Racing

Mick Jagger

Mick Jagger, the iconic frontman of the Rolling Stones, is a rockstar on and off the stage. When he’s not strutting his stuff in front of thousands of adoring fans, he can often be found at the racecourse, taking in the sights and sounds of horse racing. 

In fact, he was once quoted as saying that owning racehorses is “like having children, except they don’t go to university and they don’t get married.


The lead singer of U2 may be more known for his music and activism, but he is also a passionate horse racing fan. 

He is a regular at the Irish Derby and has even owned racehorses with fellow U2 bandmate, The Edge. Bono has spoken about the thrill and excitement of horse racing and its importance to Irish culture.

Pharrell Williams

The multi-talented musician and producer is another celebrity with a love for horse racing. He has been spotted at the Kentucky Derby and is known to follow the sport closely. 

Williams has even written a song inspired by horse racing, titled “Runnin’.


Horse racing is apparently popular even in the hip-hop and rap scene. The popular hip-hop artist Jay-Z, which is now more of an entrepreneur than a musician also shares a love for horse racing.

This hip-hop mogul may be known for his chart-topping hits, but he also has a love for horse racing. Jay Z has owned horses that have competed in major races such as the Kentucky Derby and the Belmont Stakes.

We don’t know if Jay-Z’s involvement in the sport is purely for making money, or whether he actually loves the sport.

Brian May

Move over Freddie Mercury, Queen’s Brian May is not just a legendary rockstar but also a dedicated horse racing enthusiast. 

May’s love for horses goes way beyond just watching races; he is a co-owner of two racehorses, Brian’s Dream and Hampden, and actively participate in the horse racing community. 

May has even been involved in the judging panel for the Equestrian category at the 2012 Olympic Games held in London, showing off his expertise in the world of horses. 

Who knew that the man behind the guitar solos that make you feel like a champion was also passionate about these magnificent animals?

Chris Martin

Move over horses, there’s a new yellow star in town, and his name is Chris Martin! That’s right, the frontman of the mega-successful band Coldplay is also a huge horse racing enthusiast. Martin’s love for the sport goes way back to his childhood, and he has owned several horses throughout his life.

However, his first actual involvement in the sport goes back to 2008 when he and his wife Gwyneth Paltrow purchased a racehorse named Moonage Daydream, which ended up having quite a successful career.

Final Words

While music and horse racing may seem like unrelated interests, these musicians prove that the two worlds can come together in unexpected and exciting ways. 

From owning racehorses to attending races and even performing at horse racing events, these musicians show their passion for the sport in a variety of ways.


Written by Monella