Who Really Set The Price that One Direction Paid For Fame?

Since the beginning of One Directions trek to fame fans have been sold an image of the boys that has been far from the truth.  These stories were sold to fans decorated with words like “exclusive” and “read it here first” but the validity behind what was being said never really held up; at least not to true fans of Harry, Louis, Niall, and Liam.

Real fans of the boys have known to look past the articles telling us that the boys were lotharios, party animals, uncaring fathers to be, and cold individuals who were only worried about fame.

When these “journalists” realized they could no longer try to spread their lies by attacking the boys individually; they did so by trying to turn the fans against the boys as a group.  They tried to make fans feel like the reason the boys needed a break; like they’d asked for too much, demanded from them until they were broken, and along the way caused more harm to Louis, Harry, Niall, and Liam than good.

The latest pathetic attempt at this? The article released to fans right as One Direction’s last OTRA tour dates were being completed.  The entire thing sounds like a poorly written fan fiction story meant to draw you in and expose the twists and hidden animosity between all the boys but specifically Louis and Harry.

Is anyone buying this trash anymore?

The general public may be, but even then, the fan base has seen a change in the way the media has led people blindly to false accusations and presented them as truth.  It seems like people are less apt to read articles like the ones these “journalists” pride themselves on and believe them without question; after five years, it’s about time.

The article posted today tells about how the rift between Harry and Louis has caused irreparable damage to the band and how it’s set the mark for interaction on and off stage for the boys.  It went as far as to say Harry demanded separate travel for himself due in large to the rift between himself and Louis (among other smaller reasons).  The piece pushes solo Harry  and says that if he is successful on his own there will be no return of One Direction.

This stands against everything the boys have told, no…promised the fans up to this point.  The article is giving us “facts” that hold no truth and come from no one other than a “source” that remains unnamed while fans have Louis, Liam, Harry, and Niall saying that they’ll be back.

Fans can name their “sources” – can the media?

Once again the media tries to spin anything they possibly can and label it at the fault of Louis and Harry.  If they can’t play it off on one of them they drag the other boys names down too; even bringing up Zayn who left the band very likely due to the stress and complete lack of control the boys have over their own lives.  It’s disgusting how the fans and the boys are the ones blamed when the truth of the matter is – the people who should have been supporting Niall, Louis, Liam, and Harry while looking out for their wellbeing this entire time didn’t just drop the ball – they never even held it properly.

So why do the stories sell?  Why is it that these articles can still be published and that no matter how many good deeds these boys do, some people will believe this media given false image?  The sad truth is – it’s what sells.  The image of four lads who get along more than they don’t, who work hard for what they’ve got, and who give more than they spend selfishly; that image doesn’t cause people to be shocked, it doesn’t set the scale for some scandalous twist mid article that keeps people reading.  It doesn’t cause people to itch and jump out of their skin – scandal does.

It’s like a car accident, you know it’s tragic but you can’t look away.  It’s like a fight, you shouldn’t watch but you notice yourself unable to peel your eyes away, it’s like watching a scary movie – you know it’s not real and all it’s going to do is make you anxious but you watch it anyway.

Sadly, this isn’t some story though; these are real lives and real people living them…these are people with beautiful hearts who are being made out to be disgusting lesser versions of who they truly are and its all for money.  It’s all so people can keep their pockets full and their pay checks coming.  They don’t care how it happens, as long as they see those big numbers in their bank accounts they could care less about who they step on along the way.

Fans didn’t ruin One Direction.  There aren’t years worth of secrets and disdain boiling just under the surface threatening to burn everyone.  There aren’t animosity filled arguments or worse – moments of silence between the boys because they can’t stand the sight of each other anymore.  The boys don’t think of the fans as burdens, fans don’t make things harder for them.

If anything, it’s the demands made by the team of people who surround One Direction that’s caused the boys to feel stress and an inability to continue at their current pace.  If anything the people who are selling fans out as the problem are the ones who are responsible for how exhausted and worn down the boys have become, and not just physically.

The misrepresentation of the boys have not only hurt the fans, but the boys and their friends and family as well.  

The stories are all saying that One Direction has finally burnt out, that they’re running on empty.  We think the boys of One Direction are bruised – but not broken – and at no one’s fault but the one’s who had no business running them into the ground in the first place.

Louis, Liam, Niall, and Harry should have been given breaks, they should have had time off between albums, tours, events, and promotions.  There is no way you can sustain the level of fame they have and meet the demands they were meeting for any longer than five years, they shouldn’t have even had to keep it going as long as they did.

The truth is, they need a break, they deserve a break – they’ve more than earned this break – and it is not something to be feared and it’s not something that has to signify brokenness.

It’s happening because they want to survive.

This is another thing their current team and those responsible for their PR won’t discuss, and why you might ask?  Because they won’t be there on the other side.

Why would a team who is likely to lose the boys want to build them up for fans in the future if they won’t be making the money any longer?  Why would their PR associates be publishing feel good articles about clients who won’t be under their contract in a few months time?  Up to this point – the way they’ve sold the boys has made them money, and now that their time is running out – they’re going to do everything that they can to scare fans off.

The boys have been long aware of the tactics of the media and the lengths they’ll go to slander and destroy character – and all they’ve done is pay forward more kindness.  Niall, Liam, Harry, and Louis have not only spread their giving hearts to fans, but to charities and causes and trusts for the entire time they’ve been a band.  They’ve traveled to other countries to help underprivileged countries, they’ve given their time, money, and hearts to children suffering disease and cancer, and they’ve worked on projects in their home towns to help give back to where they got their starts.

In 2015 the boys spearheaded The Action1D campaign that challenged fans all over the world to speak out to world leaders to talk about the change they wished to see in the world.  They took the time to use their circumstance to make real change in this world.  Did anyone on their team make a big deal about that?  Not a single person.

Instead of bowing out and saying enough a long time ago – Liam, Louis, Niall, and Harry kept their heads up and their hearts strong and it’s finally time that all of that pays off.  It’s finally time that the lights dim on stage and they get to enjoy life off the road, out of the studio, and away from the stress…but they aren’t happy to leave the fans behind, it’s not a silent celebration because they’ll be far away from the people who love them.

It’s an open celebration because they’ll finally have freedom.

So five years worth of misrepresentation is coming to an end, but before it fades away the fire has to burn it’s brightest; the boys are strong – releasing singles like ‘Drag Me Down’ and an EP containing a song like ‘Home’ was no coincidence – it was done to say we’re not leaving you behind, we know who’s always been here for us, and we can’t wait until we can greet you again as true versions of who we are.

Fans; Louis, Niall, Liam, and Harry haven’t changed – if anything they’ve only grown kinder, smarter, and a lot more openminded after dealing with the hate and misinformation that’s surrounded them for the last five years.

Embrace the time they’ll get to spend away from it all, the time that will exist for everyone to take a breather before coming back stronger, braver, and free.

Written by Ashley

Writer, coffee drinker, mother.