Why Don’t We Release Music Video For 8 Letters

Why Don’t We (abbreviated to WDW) are an American pop boyband, that began on September 27, 2016. The group consists of Jonah Marais, Corbyn Besson, Daniel Seavey, Jack Avery and Zach Herron.

After releasing the pre-order for their album on August 9th along with the title track ‘8 Letters’, Why Don’t We tweeted a teasing hashtag for the accompanying music video beikg release the next day, check it out below:


The fans continued to get the hashtag #8LettersMusicVideo trending in preparation for the video. Why Don’t We dropped the new video at 4pm ( UK time ) on August 19th and it reignited excitement throughout the entire fandom and added anticipation for the video. Watch it below NOW:

The video begins with the camera panning in towards Jonah Marais who is sitting in an arm chair in the middle of an open forest. There is a shatter delay during the scene using rocks and stones, we can see this effect used with other objects in other scenes during the video. The video continues onto Zach Herron standing with his back towards the camera in a church. He is surrounded by still floating sheets of paper. The camera zooms towards Zach in a fast motion. Jack, Daniel and Corbyn follow with their solo parts of the song. Each boy sporting a very different look!

The visual effects on this video are so different than we’ve ever seen from the band. It seems like a much more grown up approach. The visuals, the strength in their voices and the lyrics in the song,  show fans that the album was definitely worth waiting for.

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Written by Sofia Esposito

I'm a fun loving, music and film fanatic. I love makeup and fashion! I enjoy going out to concerts, fanfests, meet ups and I'm never too far from a cool cafe, record shop or library!