Why Don’t We Release New Single And Music Video

Why Don’t We (abbreviated to WDW) are an American pop boyband, that began on September 27, 2016. The group consists of Jonah Marais, Corbyn Besson, Daniel Seavey, Jack Avery and Zach Herron.

The band dropped hints of a little project they’d been working on in the style of a comic strip. Fans patiently waited every day for the past week for new snippets and began piecing together the photos to reveal a comic strip.

Without any warning the band tweeted on June 6th that they would be releasing a single called ‘Hooked’ that same day along with a music video to accompany the song the following day!

Once the song was dropped we gave it a listen. With its catchy vibe and upbeat chorus, the song starts off with a solo from Jack Avery with the other members following along with solos throughout the song. The fans used the hashtag ‘Hooked’ and got it trending on Twitter worldwide!

Give it a listen down below:

The fans continued trending the hashtag on Twitter as they eagerly waited for the music video to be dropped. The reaction from the song has been insane. Fans are absolutely loving it. Their comments are all positive and the excitement that has been brewing all week has caused a real buzz across the fandom!

Just after 5pm (UK time) the boys released the new music video for ‘Hooked’. The video begins with the song title boldly attached to the front of a tall building, with a helicopter and sirens in the background, before the camera pans out to reveal Zach and ‘the girl’ on top of the building. If this has got you intrigued, go and watch below:


As a little extra, go check out last week’s interview with Why Don’t We as we talk new music and life on tour.

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Written by Sofia Esposito

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