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Over the past few years, Little Mix have cemented themselves as one of music’s biggest pop acts and continually are going strength-to-strength in their illustrious career. In celebration of their 7th anniversary, we talk to their fanbase, a major driving force in their success.

‘Mixers’ as they are know are some of the most passionate, persistent and encouraging fans that exist and here, we have the pleasure of talking to some of the most ardent supporters on their love for the group, how they have been inspired by them and what message they would like to give to the girls and their fellow fans.


Saqib17. Pakistan@OnlyYourMixer

The thing about Little Mix, which makes them stand out is how genuine they are. Over the course of 7 years, they have become really famous but they are down to earth and haven’t let the money or fame change them.  Little Mix is one of the reasons I believe in true friendship and fate, they inspire me to be positive and spread love like they do.

The relationship between mixers is like a family. We all fight among ourselves a lot but we love each other and unite whenever it comes to the girl. We Mixers unite whenever they release a new project, or if someone hates on them for no reason at all. We Mixers also support each other and try to spread love



Courtney. 20. Peterborough@Courts_Louisexx

They have inspired me because they have taught me not to scare in what anyone else thinks of you and inspired me to love myself for who I am. I just want to thank the girls for everything and I honestly believe, if it wasn’t for them I wouldn’t be who I am today. Thank you also to all the Mixers for being so lovely, we are like one big family



Mary.19. Newcastle@tearsperrie

They have inspired me is so many ways but mainly self confidence and self love.  I was going through a really hard time and they were the ones who gave me the most support and motivation to get better.

My favorite LM memory would probably be when they won a Brit last year, I don’t think i could be any more prouder than i was at that moment.

A message I would have for the girls is to just keep believing in their work and themselves because they have come so far and everyone in the fandom is so proud. To Mixers, I would say to always believe in themselves, no matter what!


Alice21. Paris –  @leighsimpact

What stands out the most about the girls, for me, is their talent and their friendship. you can literally see it in every single interview, they just love each other. and that’s mad inspiring, to see women able to work and be great together instead of trying to outshine each other.

Tthey inspired me in so many ways. first of all, they helped so many of their fans, including me, with songs like change your life, little me, good enough, secret love song part 2, clued up… they went through some hard times themselves, and they’re quite open about it. they just want us to believe in ourselves, really. and be whoever we wanna be, as stupid as that might sound.

Anyways, i’d just like to add that little mix completely changed my life. I was going through a really though time, and they helped me more than they will ever know. I wish the general public would pay more attention to them, they’re not just “another girlband”. They’re THAT girlband. And the longer they stay together the better


Roberta. 20. Brazil@dimpledperrie

The girls have inspired me to be more confident, not only about the way that I look but also to have faith in myself and follow my dreams and goals. Some songs like “little me”, “wings” and “change your life” have a special place in my heart because they always remind me it’s okay to be myself and not let anyone bring me down.

From what I can see, the relationship between the mixers is really good. So many people from different parts of the world have become friends and got the chance to meet because of the girls. For instance, I wouldn’t have met if it wasn’t for them and now we’re the closest of friends. I’ll never be able to thank the girls enough for her and all the wonderful people I got to meet because of them

I would thank the girls for inspiring us, always being here for us and for making sure we know we’re not alone. They have helped and inspired so many people, including me, to be stronger, more confident, to believe in ourselves, to be who we are and love who we want to love, and I hope they know how important they are to each one of us. I’m so thankful for having such wonderful and strong women to look up to.


Lauren. 21. England@UpdatingLM

I think they inspire all of their fans near enough every day to embrace who they are and love who they are. I think Mixers generally come together to support the girls and get excited about new songs, albums, etc. and try to get them the attention and respect they deserve. I would say it’s been an amazing 7 years for both Little Mix and Mixers and we’re going to work so hard to make sure the next few years are even bigger and better.



The thing that stands out to me most about the Little Mix girls is they inspire so many people everyday with their music, their style and also just for being themselves.  I love that they inspire people as a group and individually because they are all so different in so many ways. They have inspired me personally by just been themselves, showing that woman are amazing and we should never give up on ourselves no matter how many rubbish times we get through in our lives. They teach us to be ourselves.

The relationship between Little Mix and their mixers is amazing they take their time when they can to interact from q&a’s to following fans. I would like to say that they know they’ll always have their fans by their side and we’ll always continue supporting them throughout now and till the very end. Mixers are the most amazing fandom ever. We all pull of each other and support and promote them in every way we can



Kaly. 21. Chile –  @LittleMixCHI

They have inspired me a lot. They helped with my self-confidence and how empowered a woman can be!! They really have such inspirational songs which I listen to every day! They’re music makes me really happy. They genuinely contributed to the woman I am today.

There is a lot i want to say to the girls but definitely I wanna thank you for inspiring me and help me to embrace my insecurities, for empowering and for bring amazing bops. I know you’re very hardworking women and you taught me that if you work hard for your dreams you can achieve them. I love you so much and I hope you can come to Chile soon, I really want to meet you!!

And for the mixers, keep supporting the girls and spreading positivity. Oh and #LM5 is coming to snatch our wigs.


Carol. 23. Chile – @LittleMixCHI

They have inspired me in so many ways. First of all to embrace all of my flaws and scars, they inspire me to speak out when i need to. They inspired me to love and accept myself just in the way i am and to not be totally normal, sometimes being weird it’s super okay.

My favorite little mix memory it’s probably when they won The XF,  it was the beginning of everything those girls showed their talent to the whole world and then they go out to the world with their tours and music.

I would describe this relationship like loyal and filled with love, they are always worried for us and supporting us no matter what, they ask for our opinion always and i think that’s so beautiful. They make us feel important and worth it.

For the girls, I’m here to support them through this whole journey, that i’m so so proud of them and all the hard work they do for us,  they make me completely happy every day and that they inspire me everyday to be a better version of myself.


CelebMix would like to extend a huge thank you to each Little Mix fan that corresponded with us and would like to commend you on your commitment and dedication.

We think we speak for everyone when we say we can’t wait for the next Little Mix era. We love the positivity and the empowerment that the ladies spread and look forward to watch them continue in their world domination, Here’s to another 7 years of success and happiness for both LM and the Mixers.


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