Why Fans Love Shane Dawson

Shane Dawson is a YouTube personality, actor, author, and sketch comedian. He made his first YouTube channel “ShaneDawsonTV” in 2008, and has since created a second channel called “Shane.” When combined together, he has over 19 million subscribers and 3 billion views total on both his channels.

Throughout the course of his YouTube career, Shane has uploaded a variety of videos, including conspiracy theories, parody and original music videos, trying on beauty products, testing life hacks, completing challenges, DIYs, vlogs, and more.

No matter which video he chooses to upload, Shane never fails to make his fans smile. From singing along to Hillary Duff, to going ghost hunting, Shane always makes fans feel like they’re going along for the fun too.

Both in his videos and on social media, Shane constantly thanks his fans for their support throughout all these years, but now it’s time for his fans to thank him! CelebMix asked fans from around the world why they love Shane so much, and this is what they had to say…

Nicole | 20 | Alabama, USA @safetypinshane “Shane means a lot to me. I love his videos because they’re funny and interesting and fun to watch. watching them always makes me smile and laugh. I love him so much. he’s become my favorite youtuber and I love him because he’s funny and sweet and very humble and appreciative of what all youtube has done for him. i struggle a lot with mental illnesses and watching shane helps. it takes my mind off of it and helps me cope more. i watch his videos everyday and I have no regrets!”

 Brittany | 23 | @Bnmunson “The reason why I love Shane is because his heart and soul is in everything he does. His love for his family, and for others is rare to find. Unlike most people who get a touch of fame, he is still devoted to his fans and still very much the same. His videos can be hilarious, and some videos have a heartfelt meaning. Either way it leaves most of his fans with a smile on their face, or a grip on the heart. He may act like he doesn’t care, on the inside he’s a teddy bear with a big heart ready to take the world on. He could make a heart felt video, or he could make a video of him eating 50 hostesses cakes… Either way I will watch simply because his personality shines through everything. There’s many reasons to love Shane, but these are my favorites.”

 Lauren | 14 | New Jersey @shaneymemes “So, its so hard to explain. My love for Shane is literally so big. He’s my inspiration to make YouTube videos. I love him so much because he’s funny, amazing, and literally my queen. Everyday he posts I get so excited and drop everything I’m doing and just watch his videos. Sometimes when I’m bored I just watch his old videos. I love everything he does. He shows me that no matter what, anything can be possible. If he didn’t exist, then I would be lost in this world. I really want to meet him one day, and when that day comes I hope it never ends. I love him to death and I couldn’t be happier when watching his videos.”

Ella | 11 | London @WoodsYoutube “Shane is my inspiration because he is funny and he doesn’t really care and he’s sassy and I love how what ever he wants to talk about he does on YouTube and he makes me smile whenever I’m feeling down or depressed he makes me laugh and smile all the time I also feel like he’s one of those youtubers who feels like they can talk about how they feel and he wants to help people who are unhappy! He’s adorable and the first time I watched him witch was like 4 years ago I fell in love his content is amazing and I never get bored of him he’s honestly amazing and I’m never gonna get over watching him I love him sooooo much! I have wanted to do YouTube ever since I started watching him! Also we have a lot in common and I’m hoping to maybe meet him one day xx Also he is my favourite youtuber in the universe I truly hope to meet him. also whenever Shane Dawson has done something he always apologies and tries to make things better every if someone else started it!! ?

Michele | 20 | NJ @xoMichele2xo “I’ve been watching Shane’s videos for years. Although I have never met him, I know that he is such a sweet and genuine person. Whenever I am having a bad day, I can always rely on Shane to make me smile. He has helped more than he will ever know. I look forward to watching Shane’s videos every day. He has such a charming personality and the most beautiful smile. I also admire him for being so honest. It takes a lot of courage to open up to people, especially online, and I love Shane for sharing his stories with us. He is by far my favorite YouTuber and I hope I get the chance to meet him one day to tell him how much he means to me.”

Emma | 16 | Canada @awkard_potato “I like shane because his nice caring and non judgemental he is also a very caring person.”

Aliyah E | Florida @a1shanedawson “People like Shane Dawson because he’s funny and good looking (obviously), but his true fans love him because they can relate to him. Most of us are insecure (me) and Shane is insecure as well but he points out the things that he doesn’t like about him self and makes fun of it so because of that we’re I guess u can say inspired.”

Abby | 16 | Massachusetts, USA @AbbyMeehanx “I’ve been watching Shane for a while now. He’s the one person I can go to that will always make me laugh no matter what. I’m bisexual, and after watching his coming out video it’s made me feel ok with myself and that’s it’s normal to be this way. I’ve had depression for a few years now and his videos about it and suicide have really helped me. Thank you Shane for always being there for me. Thank you for saving my life. Most of all, thank you for being my idol. I’ll love and support you always ??.”

 Lizzie Jane | 17 | NY @NashLizzie “I love Shane Dawson because he is still keeping that promise he made to his fans so many years ago; to take us away from the bull crap that is our life and make us laugh.”

Gracia | 14 | South Carolina @LGBTQSHANE “I love shane because, hes kind. he truly cares about us. hes funny and i just love him so much. HE means everything to me :) i relate to him so much and he makes me feel like im not alone.”

Jessy Brown |18 | Australia @bufferingharto “I love shane Dawson because he has a big heart, he genuinely cares about his fans regardless of what anyone thinks and he isn’t afraid to be himself and knows how to stand up for himself. Also he is genuinely so funny and he never fails to cheer me up via video!”

Amber “Why I love Shane Dawson there are too many but one is he is an inspiration and showing how when you first start out in life it can suck but if you work hard then you will be successful and he means the world to me because he has save through the hardest times of my life and I will never stop watching and caring for him.”

 Lauren | 19 | NJ @laurenschk  “Shane Dawson is someone who I have watched on youtube since his start back in 2008 with his hilarious parodies and little skits. I grew up with watching Shane over the years and as I’ve grown I have also got to see him grow even more as an internet star and overall as a person finding himself. He has spread so much love for his fans and has given myself and others a new outlook on things in the world around us. The books he has written allowed readers to crack into a bit of his personal world and make for even more of a relevant person for fans to connect to. I have personally found it hard while growing up to accept myself and to get through personal problems, but in all honesty seeing Shane open up through videos and books alike about his own problems helped me personally in more ways than one. To see and hear someone overcome their struggles and allow themselves to even laugh at their own problems was both an entertaining yet eye opening experience. I’ve learned from Shane that if you can’t laugh at yourself and take life too seriously you’re being too hard on yourself and should stop caring so much about what others think or believe. Being able to just sit down after a long day and laugh over a new video he posts is part of my daily life and makes me so happy. I was finally even able to meet Shane this past summer at a book signing and couldn’t have been more excited. He was such a genuine person and even sweeter than you could have imagined (and never believe him when he says he’s “fat” because he was so tiny and sweet). I could thank Shane a thousand times over for being himself and teaching me to be myself. Even if he’s making videos pouring his heart out about serious topics or making a giant extravagant cake out of tacos, I’ll be supporting.”

Shane, you have always been there for us, and we promise to always be there for you. So thank you Shane, for everything. We love you!

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Written by Michele Mendez

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