Why Fans Love: The Hara

The Hara – comprising of members Jack Kennedy, Josh Taylor and Zack Breen – have been together for a year, and have already released their own EP, which reached the Number 1 position on the official iTunes Pre-Order Charts, headlined their own tours, and more.

Here at CelebMix, we spoke with some of The Hara’s fans to find out why they love the band so much.


‘The reason I love The Hara is because they have a real passion for what they do and they put a lot of work and effort into everything. They truly care about their fans and they never forget to remind fans that we are beautiful in our own way.’


‘I love The Hara because they are some of the most down-to-earth guys I have ever met. They are so lovely to their fans and have so much energy at their gigs.’


I love The Hara because they are all so easy to get along with and talk to. They are also a very down-to-earth group of people, whose sense of humour is unique. They also do a lot of shows outside of tours, which is very rare for bands these days to do and it just shows how much they love their supporters.’


‘I love The Hara because no matter what I’m going through, I know that I can always turn to them. If I’m feeling sad, I listen to their music and I will feel an overwhelming sense of security. I have struggled with many things in my life, but finding something that you know you can escape with at any point is such a beautiful feeling.’


‘What’s not to like about The Hara? There are a lot of bands out there – small, big, something in-between, but these guys are one fine bunch of people who make your life better. Whether it’s Jack who is always there with his sunshine smile and the warm hugs, Josh being crazy on stage or Zack being Zack in every shape and beautiful colour he can be. Each of them is different and yet a bit the same and together they make a wonderful trio that makes you feel good and happy. They bring joy into your life and moments that you will never forget. The music is true, honest and relatable. It makes you dance and kind of emotional at the same time, but is also very inspiring for life in general. I am glad that I listen to them. I love them in every possible way, they have all my heart and I am excited to see what the future brings for them.’


‘I love The Hara because they make you feel wanted and treat everyone the same. They always take time to speak to you and they are also really friendly. The past year they have been the people that I look up to. And their music isn’t bad either!’


‘I love the boys because they are always there to help their fans. They are amazing people and always know how to put a smile on their fan’s faces.’


‘They are such genuine guys and always take time to make sure they see their fans at events and gigs. They always put 110% into each performance and work so hard to produce the music they enjoy and want to make. Seeing how far they have grown in the past year is incredible. They have achieved and succeeded so much and I am excited to see what else is to come for them.’


‘I love The Hara because they are so lovely and truly care about their fans and always try their best to meet everyone and turn all events into a lot of fun.’


‘I love The Hara because of how much they communicate with their fans and how they are just themselves. They don’t care what others may think. Their music is incredible and you can see how much they love it and how grateful they are when they are performing their music on stage.’


‘I love The Hara because they have helped me through so much. In the few months that I have known of them, I have never failed to laugh at their vlogs and I am obsessed with their music.’


‘I followed Josh since he was a solo singer, and then Zack and Jack came along. In a year, they have done two headline tours, released an EP, and are working on their second EP. Their songs have meanings behind them, that fans can relate to. They are always quick to help when we need them. As a band, they have created their own unique sound that fits their style. Not only do they have their own talents, but they know how to hype the crowd, getting them screaming, shouting, jumping. Together, they are going to go far. They know how to have fun, and they channel that into their music.’


‘I love The Hara because they are such lovely and down-to-earth lads. They also appreciate all the support they receive. I love how they always have a smile on their faces. Also, the lads make me incredibly happy and I have made so many amazing friends because of them. I am so proud of them.’


‘I’ve watched The Hara grow since Day 1 and I couldn’t be any more proud even if I tried. They are three of the most down-to-earth, genuine lads I have ever met and spoken to in my life. I love the fact that even though I’ve only met them once, they made me feel like it was the hundredth time I’d seen them. They made me feel comfortable and were just so chatty and lovely. I honestly love them with all my heart. Here’s to many more years of supporting them!’

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Written by Rachel Dempster